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Techno Supergroup Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell and Function Announce Label LSD & New Album

The super group are releasing their new project 'Second Process' in June.
LSD Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell & Function

Techno supergroup LSD, comprised of Luke Slater, Steve Bicknell and David Sumner, aka Function are launching a new label LSD. It’s first release will be a six track album / project / EP titled Second Process, which follows their 2017 Process EP.

They have released the next song in the process, "Process 7," which shows the type of unrelenting techno they bring to the table. The album art was designed by Heleen Blanken, a Dutch visual artist who has worked with some of the biggest names in techno like Ben Klock, Jeff Mills and Peter Van Hoesen.

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The new album comes in a year when the three artists have been on top of their game. Bicknell released a new EP recently and his label 6dimensions is on fire. Sumner debuted a new live A/V show last August, while Slater has a new double EP coming soon under his Planetary Assault Systems alias, plus other tracks.

Second Process will be released on June 28. Pre-order it here.

Second Process Tracklist:

01. ‘Process 4’
02. ‘Process 5’
03. ‘Process 6’
04. ‘Process 7’
05. ‘Process 8’
06. ‘Process 9’

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