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Texas based producer MKJ makes his anticipated return this month with the release of his Time After Time EP - teaming up with with vocalist Evangelia for this killer line of songs with a diverse range of sound and production.

The EP opens with "Time,” a chilled-out deep house track with a soothing saxophone drop and groove-laden melodies. It was released back in 2015 and helped launch MKJ onto the map. Next up is "Love You Right," which has a strong deep house vibe that is brought to life by Evangelia’s vocals delivering a great pop vibe.

Rounding off the release is a huge collaboration with Killkid and Haukjem before "New Dance" offers a strong house vibe to the collection. MKJ’s remix of Evangelia’s single “Cold,” breathes new energy into the track and showcases how their two styles work perfectly together.

Take a listen to MKJ's Time After Time EP below.

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