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The Director's Cut: Sante - Currents II

The Berlin native explains how his new album came together, step by step, track by track.

German producer, label head and DJ Santé is a man who needs no introduction for those tuned into the current crop of house and techno DJs. His presence has been felt on Ibiza for years and the worldwide festival circuit, spinning an eclectic mix of house, techno, deep, minimal and a bit of everything in between. He just released his new album Current II, following up his 2014 LP Current. It sees his musical palate expand a bit with thumping breakbeat-inspired techno, driving tech house, hip-hop-styled beats and more. To find out how Currents II came together, we asked Santé to come in for a Director’s Cut and breakdown each of the songs with in-depth view at the album-creating process.

Stream the album below and pick it up here.

1. Tablaloo: “Talaboo” happened on a late night jam after trying some old drum machines I came up with the riff and then the magic happened it was easy going after the riff was developed. There is a lot of Roland 909 and many other old drum machines. A Roland 303 appears on mostly every track because I wanted to them sound as original (old school Chicago / Detroit ) as possible so I was using a lot of the sounds and synths from that era. I love the classics so much so I decided to limit my self and use almost those synthesizers.

2. Emotional Disclosure: “Emotional Disclosure” is a very special track for me, because I did it with our new artist from Argentina. Joaquin is such a fantastic talent and we work super tight together. You will hear a lot from him in the future. The piano on this tune is a real grand one from Steinway, which I recorded live at Riverside Studios in Berlin. The vocal performance was recorded in Australia on my last tour there.

3 Sunset Blvd: I programmed the bassline on a hardware sequencer and when I found the right bassline sound I had the instant image of LA in my mind. I was living on Sunset Boulevard for 6 weeks. I wanted to create a kind of old-school meets new-school house track

4. Dirty Hands: I think it´s very important for every artist to constantly develop or evolve. For me it’s the most important thing other wise it will get to boring. As a world wide touring DJ, you are always on the pulse of a crowd and can check or guide a night, so I also take some risks to educate the listeners a bit.

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5. Metaphysical: “Metaphysical” is a more darker deeper jacking swinging dancefloor tune. The chords are from a the Juno 106 and the drumming is from an analog drum machine called Xbase Xomox.

6. Let’s Make It: “Let’s Make It” is collaboration with my DJ friend Mathias Kaden, I invited him to a party in Lisbon which I threw every Sunday and we vibed a lot. We constantly chatted about music and I started sending him ideas back and forth so we came up with this minimal influences club tune.

7. Talk About: “Talk About” is a banging peak time house groover straight for the clubs with no compromises. The chords are again from the Juno 106 and drums are from the 909 and Xomox again. I wanted to have a similar sound on all tunes from the album. This is why I limited my self with the synths and drums.

8. Twisted Love: I had the opportunity to play along a real piano at the Riverside Studios in Berlin and after a 30-minute session I came up with this. I built the whole track from this riff. It started complete in my head. After I recorded the turnaround, I added the drums and I played the toms and rides on a real drum set which was fun.

9. Trust Issues: “Trust Issues” is also a very special tune from me. I worked on it with an old friend. We studied audio engineering together and had also a little production team back then. On this album I wanted to include him again and we came up with this incredible acid jam, which was inspired by dark London winter nights.

10. Resist: “Resist” is a vibey techno tune made with a modular system. I wanted to create a album which is like the current in the ocean, moving from calm to heavy and back a really good flow. I also wanted to cross between house and techno and most of the tracks are loop-based. Chicago house and Detroit techno are my influences and I wanted to create something, which is as good as the old masters. 1990 meets 2019

11. Blink: “Blink” is a mixture for my love of hip-hop meets future techno. I made this fully analog techno jam and slowed it down to make it easier to rap on. I wanted to speed it up afterwards again but keep it slow and made a switch back to techno.

12. Enemy: “Enemy” is a garage inspired house track I made with a old friend from my home town Ulm. Iko Mowsa is a member of a German drum and bass crew called NME Click, which shaped my whole teenage years. This is why u feel this incredible jungle vibe here. He also introduced me to DJing while he was working in a record shop back then.

13. Lost Souls: Last but not least the sound of the humming bird is a collabo with my good friend and hip-hop producer Stickle. He made so many big German rap tunes and is currently working on his solo stuff with his incredible band "Love Hotel Band. We always wanted to work on something so I came up with this groove and he added those r&b vibes.

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