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Virgil Abloh & Pioneer DJ Launch New Transparent, Unmarked CDJs & Mixer

Get ready for a very different looking mixer. It will be displayed in a museum in Chicago.
Pioneer Virgil Abloh CDJ

Pioneer DJ has unveiled a new Virgil Abloh collaboration for a very different looking mixer and CDJ. The new gear is transparent and thankfully, not marked by Abloh.

The pieces of equipment have been teased during a few Abloh sets and by other DJs in social media. Now it has been officially announced, though it isn’t clear when or if this will be available to purchase.

Pioneer DJ Virgil Abloh

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"I aimed to design a see-through and non-labeled rendition of the classic models to inspire a different sound while DJing,” explains Abloh, ”and perhaps a new way for music technology and human interaction to equal a different result."

Pioneer DJ Virgil Abloh Mixer

The CDJs and mixer will be put on display at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art as part of a wider exhibit titled Figures Of Speech that showcases his work in other mediums like fashion and architecture. It is his first ever solo museum exhibit. Figures of Speech opens on June 10 and runs until September. You can pick up tickets here.

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