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Weedsday Playlist: SAVA Founder & CMO Amanda Denz Shares 5 Songs For Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff puff, pass and press play.
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Amanda Denz

SAVA founder & CMO, Amanda Denz, is passionate about using design and technology to change the perception of cannabis, educate people on its powerful applications, and increase access to high quality products. While leading her web design and digital marketing firm she came on board to help launch SAVA, an online marketplace & delivery service for curated cannabis goods. Her role has since developed to lead company communication, marketing, and technology, while collaborating on general strategy.

She founded the company with Andrea Brooks, who after a very serious injury was told she was never going to work again. She became frustrated with various prescription pain pills, which led led her to cannabis. Using cannabis and a wellness regimen, Andrea recovered and was inspired to start a marketplace that showcases these products. She created SAVA, and it quickly grew into a business that allows patients access to high-quality products from brands both big and small.

With this company curating products for its users, we asked Amanda Denz to curate his month’s Weedsday playlist. Read on for some new records to toke up to this summer.

“When I Was Older” by Billie Ellish

This song is haunting, mesmerizing, beautiful. I love it. A good friend shared it with me a few days ago, and I’ve been listening to it over and over. I’m always impressed by musicians who are mature beyond their years (Ellish is 17). 

“Red Light” by Baby Queens

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I love their vocals! Queens, indeed. I have a one-hour playlist I put on when I need to plow through emails, and this song is at the end because it always catches my attention and makes me dance at my desk. It makes me take a much-needed mental break. I find that repeating a specific playlist for a specific type of task really helps me get in a zone. It may sound silly, but I have a playlist for starting work in the morning, one for getting through emails, one for design work. It helps cue my brain to move in a specific direction. And when I need a break from work, I’ll often play a song I don’t usually listen to - it’s a way to break me out of the zone.

“Lay Down” by Son Little

This song makes me want to stop everything, and do nothing with someone I love. It does such a good job of capturing that feeling of two lovers shutting out the world, passing time, in no hurry - something we should all do more of. Working in this industry can be crazy - it’s happening, we’re here for it, and it makes us all very busy. But it’s important to remember from time to time that the plant wants us to do more of this - it wants us to slow down, take a look around, and connect with the moment and the people we get to share it with.

“Dreams” by Robot Koch

This one holds a special place in my heart after hearing it played at the peak of a night of dancing at an outdoor summer festival. It’s amazing how hearing a song can transport you back to a place in the past so vividly, and elicit the feelings from that moment. Music has such power to shift my emotional state, or to reinforce it, depending on what I decide to press play on.

“Twice“ by Little Dragon

The first time I saw them live it was summer, outdoors, at sunset. They rocked the crowd and got a high-energy dance party going. At the end of their set, they turned down the lights and did “Twice.” It was a moment, I had the good kind of chills. At the end of the song they walked off stage, and that was it. I’ve never seen a concert end so perfectly - there was no need for an encore because they flawlessly wrapped the show. It was beautiful, and the best mic drop of all time. 

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