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15 Best Hip-Hop Tracks of May 2019

Fresh cuts from the likes of KEY!, Gucci Mane, Goldlink, Skepta + more!
Photo by: Charlie Peacher

Photo by: Charlie Peacher

Another month has flown by which means I'm back with the best hip-hop you might have missed from last month. This month we have some surprising names on the list such as Justin Bieber, & Kool Keith. But we also have some of my favorites making their way back to the chart such as Blu, Chance, and Wu-Tang. Check out the complete playlist at the bottom of the post and please feel free to comment with anything I might have missed!

1. Wu-Tang Clan - On That Sht Again

I'm not really sure how Ghost can be a feature on w Wu-Tang track but whatever. This is a solid Wu-offering and you gotta take tracks like this when you can get them!

2. Tuxedo - The Tuxedo Way

As soft and white as froyo but you can't hate on these boys for doing their thing. This is probably more of a disco track than a hip-hop song but it's still got just enough funk to make my list this month! 

3. A$AP Ferg - Pups (feat A$AP Rocky)

I think Ferg might be my favorite rapper as far as pure entertainment goes and at this point, I think he's a little tighter than Rocky. Yea I said it! Come at me bros!!

4. Skepta - Bullet From A Gun

I could probably do a whole chart just on Grime (might have to start this soon) but for now just enjoy the latest from Skepta who's new album "Ignorance is Bliss" dropped on May 31. 

5. Blu and Exile - True & Livin'

I have a long history with these two and while it's great to hear Blu back on his lyrical / flow game, I just wonder if people really care about this sound / style any more. We know the kids don't  but I guess it's nice to take a trip back to the past with some classic, uplifting, positive hip-hop. Keep it up fellas. 

6. Kool Keith & B-Real - Zero Fux

Unexpected but honestly one of my true favorite on the chart this month. I'm either just getting really old or I'm tired of all the autotune, same sounding nonsense that I have to sift through every month. Either way this was a fun song. 

7. Chance The Rapper - GRoCERIES (ft. TisaKorean & Murda Beatz)

So don't get me wrong, I love Chance The Rapper but I question if he has ever actually tired to come up with clever / insightful lyrics. Everything he puts out sounds like a freestyle to me which is completely fine! I just have to wonder... 

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8. Thurz - Loyalty ft. Goldie (prod. by J.LBS)

Thurz continues to drop blessings for the hip-hop community. he is 3 for 3 with his new stuff as far as I'm concerned! 

9. Flying Lotus - Black Balloons Reprise (feat. Denzel Curry)

I take back what I said about Ferg. DC is my favorite rapper right now. This beat was just made for him and he's got the next song on the chart as well! 

10. Denzel Curry - SPEEDBOAT

Denzel's new album ZUU is now available on all platforms and it's fucking great! You can stream it in its entirety here

11. Beast Coast - Snow In the Stadium 

I have no problem saying that Beast Coast's album "Escape From New York" will be one of the top 3 albums of 2019. You might be able to give them group of the year honors as well!

12. Yung thug - The London (ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott)

Whole lotta autotune but this one does do quite hard. It's always interesting to see the tracks J. Cole gets features on because he's always a far better rapper than anyone else he's paired up with. 

13. Gucci Mane feat, Justin Bieber - Love Through The Computer.

As much as I wanted to get mad about the WEAK rework of the original song used for the beat on this (Again I'm old I know), "Love Through The Computer" is still a fun song and I just can't hate anything Gucci Mane does! It's just impossible. 

14. Goldlink - Joke Ting (feat. Ari PenSmith)

Goldlink rides his way through another dope beat teaming up this month with Ari PenSmith. Sonically this song just sounds great on my speakers so turn this one up if you're system can take it. 

15. KEY! - Miami Too Much

Rounding out the chart this month is the latest release from KEY! who thinks you go to Miami a bit too much. While this song is pretty dope, I'm ready for another album / project with Kenny Beats! Let's go boys!


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