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Aluna Francis Of AlunaGeorge Reveals Unnamed Male Collaborator Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Her

Francis says that a man tried to force her to perform oral sex on him after a studio session.


Aluna Francis, one half of AlunaGeorge, revealed to the BBC that an unnamed male collaborator sexually assaulted her, not her band mate George Reid.

In the interview she discussed what happened when the man tried to force her to perform oral sex on him and attempted to force his hands into her underwear.

According to Francis, she had been working with the guy on a song and was offered to charge her phone in the man’s hotel room. That is when his behavior changed.

“He pinned me down and he’d taken his trousers down and he was trying to put his dick in my mouth. So I wrestled him off, and he was still laughing cause he thought it was a game and that I was having a really fun time having a pretend rape situation.”

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She escaped, but felt shame after the situation.

“You would think that I understood how wrong this was straight away and I didn’t. Musicians are crazy ambitious about getting their craft out there. And that’s why I think there’s so much shame about these kind of situations: Am I that stupid? What is wrong with me? Why have I compartmentalized all of this just for my career? That’s madness.”

She did return to the studio with the man, who then tried to apologize.

“He did all his apologies and talked about how he was so incredibly sorry and [that] this has never happened before.” Francis never thought about going to the police. “I thought that I was OK and I’m just so not.” She was scared to tell the story.

There have been many different collaborators throughout Francis' career and she doesn't give a year on this to help narrow down who might have done the alleged act.

The program also features Slow Club’s Rebecca Taylor and singer-songwriter Chlöe Howl, who tell their own harrowing stories. Taylor says a US record executive assaulted her while she was “blind drunk.” Howl recounts that a member of her team became possessive and then started to sexually assault her. 

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