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Fire Breaks Out In Berlin's Club der Visionaere, No Injuries Reported

The club says that only a part of it was burned in the fire.

A fire broke out at Berlin’s Club der Visionaere over the weekend, forcing an evacuation of everyone inside. News reports and a message from the Berlin fire department initially indicated that the club had burned down or was badly damaged, in addition to three injuries. According to a club statement yesterday, most of the doom and gloom from those reports are unfounded.

According to the club, which gave a very long statement about the events that transpired the morning of June 15, the fire was contained to the seating section on the second floor, which was closed at the time. The fire department indicated that the fire destroyed the building and spread to a nearby gas station. 70 firefighters were called to the scene to put out the blaze.

“Contrary to news reports, the entire club was not affected, only a section of the upper level seating area located under the weeping willow tree, which was closed at the time of the fire,” the club states.

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According to the fire department, three people were slightly injured, but the club refuted that anyone was hurt. “We are extremely grateful, happy and relieved that no one was injured in the incident, including guests or staff,” it writes.

The club says that the cause of the fire is still unknown and hopes to reopen soon.

The list of events continued this weekend at the nearby club at Hoppetosse. 

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