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Cassius' Philippe Zdar Reportedly Dead At 50

The legendary producer helped pioneer French touch and produced for some of the best musicians over the past two decades.

Philippe Cerboneschi aka Philippe Zdar, one half of Cassius, has reportedly died at the age of 50. His agent Sébastien Farran told AFP and Le Monde, “he fell accidentally from the window of a high floor of a Parisian building.”

Member of genre and era defining duo Cassius, Zdar was one of the more influential musicians of his era. He was a pioneer in French touch with an album 1999 that still sounds as timeless as it did 20 years ago. It is hard to find a dance music song that remains as played and impactful from 20 years ago as “Feeling For You.”

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He was much more than just a member of Cassius. Zdar was a legendary producer, engineer and mixer for some of the world’s very best like Justice, OneRepublic, Cat Power, Beastie Boys, Chromeo, Fatboy Slim and Phoenix. He was the engineer and producer on Phoenix’s 2009 album Wolfgang Amadeus, which helped propelled them to the stratospheric heights they are in now. 

RIP to one of the greats and a dance music legend. Tonight we listen to Cassius. 

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