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Praise Sample Clearances: Chance The Rapper's Seminal Mixtapes 'Acid Rap' & '10 Day' Are Available To Stream

You can also pre-order his upcoming "debut album" and sign up for access to a world tour pre-sale.
Chance The Rapper Meadows Festival 2016

Chance The Rapper has hinted that he will release a new album next month, however today he has a bit of a different present. He has released his two seminal mixtapes Acid Rap and 10 Day on various streaming services. 10 Day was originally released in 2012 and Acid Rap in 2013.

The rap mixtape has been nearly killed off by streaming because clearing some samples for Spotify or Apple Music just isn’t financially feasible. In the past, fans would just go to Datpiff or Audiomack and download the mixtape, but now that music libraries live in streaming services, that is less common.

It isn’t clear if they were working to clear the samples this whole time, or if his increased stature swayed parties like J Dilla, Sum Village, John Legend, Kanye West or Mountain with a promise of points and money.

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To go along with these two mixtapes getting a streaming release, he is also putting out vinyl copies for both mixtapes. The vinyl is available to pre-order on his website for $35 (which includes a digital download). He also has a slew of merchandise as well for each album.

The pre-order for his “debut album” is also live, while fans can sign up for the pre-sale for a world tour. Details on this album are not available, but they should be coming soon.

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