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Floating Points Announces New 12" Vinyl EP With A-Side "LesAlpx"

Floating Points will release the two-tracker in July.
Floating Points LesAlpx

Floating Points, real name Sam Shepherd is back with his first bit of original music since 2017. He has announced a new 12” vinyl release arriving in July. The A-side was just released today, titled “LesAlpx.”

Clocking in at just under five minutes, the song builds and immerses the listener in a sonic journey. It is built around a strong bassline, but then fluttering fx and sweeping, melancholic synths pull you along in different directions, floating towards its eventual conclusion.

Shepherd wanted to capture that exact spirit of being lost in a song on a dancefloor. The two songs were made rather quickly and brought him back to basics.

"I started going back to my early records and all the sounds I loved playing at clubs like Fabric and Plastic People. I wanted to capture the immediacy of that music and the feeling that I got when I was on the dancefloor, of being immersed in a track that pulls you along instantly,” explains Floating Points. “I actually made these tracks quite quickly, which helped to get rid of any desire to overthink the music – it’s essentially the sound of me having loads of fun with the machines in my studio and going back to basics."

Listen to the song below or here.

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The vinyl and digital version will be out on July 12.

12” Vinyl Tracklist:

A1. LesAlpx (Extended)
B1. Coorabell

Digital bundle track list:

1. LesAlpx
2. LesAlpx (Extended)
3. Coorabell

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