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How It Was Made: Pascual - Theorem EP [Ovum]

Words by Pascual
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Recently, Josh Wink's legendary Ovum Recordings released an EP that absolutely blew us away. The 4-track EP from Pascual was a trippy and heavy hitting package of late night techno. The sort of stuff that, when played at the right time, will send you to another dimension. To find out more about the release, we caught up with Pascual to see how the EP was made, taking a look at the tools used in the process. 


Words by Pascual

My workflow has changed in the past years. Now I feel really comfortable in my studio.

I always start to work with eight audio tracks. Then, I record a multitrack session in Logic from my modular system and then I edit the audio in Protools, which is a really cool DAW for audio edits, and I feel really good with it, as I use it all the time in my daily job in my sound studio.

I use a big mixer to set the levels and eq of my eight tracks and then i pass them thru a Digi 96 interface with 8 audios In / Out. (PICTURE 01, 02 , 03)

Picture 02
Picture 03
Picture 01

I do all the patches in the modular, submixes, fx, filters, sequencers etc.. And I try to record all the modulations I will use it later in the edition using some kind of logic signals and complex patches.

In this EP for Josh Wink, I recorded all the drums using my Modular 808 and 909 Tiptop audio modules, which I think they are really cool!

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I like modular workflow because can pass each signal thru a crazy chain of distortions, Eq, Fx, etc, which is really cool and it gives a different taste to the classic x0x sounds. 

Picture 04

I use to pass the kick thru a Universal Audio M-610, that gives a really warm sound to the kicks.

All the other drums are processed with some distortion modules. I like to pass some drums thru a wave folder to add some distortion. That´s why I like modular systems. You can make different connections and experiments with things that are really hard to do in a more closed synth environment.

For the synths, I have a lot of oscillators, analog, digital, I love them all! And I love to combine them, sometimes I do some FM with 2 of them, and sometimes I do some AM modulation which I'm in love with. I love this kind of modulations because it adds a lot of movement to any wave signal.

About the fx, I like to pass my reverb and delay thru a Vermona perfourmer, which is a huge synth with 4 oscillators, but I like to use it as my Fx mixer too, because I can have a single stereo out from 2 stereo signals, each one with his LFO and filter, and it gives more movement to the fx mix. 

Picture 05

and finally, my sequencers... I love sequencers! And I like to use a lot of them when I make music. I use them for pitch sends, for gate sends to trigger some drums, to trigger envelopes, almost for everything…. I think they are really important to make dynamic music, sometimes you have a cool loop, but its boring if you repeat it all the time, but if you trigger some slow LFO´s with the sequencer, you can make soft changes that are the key to make the sounds alive.

I love this Octone sequencer because you can have a lot of individual gates out, and you can make odd rhythms and a lot of random things which are really fun.

Picture 06

I really loved to work in this EP for Ovum, since the beginning of the process I was in touch with Josh Wink, which is a really cool man, he always gave me his thoughts and thanks to his point of view and his experience, we did some final details to the tracks.

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