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Lane 8 Brought His Magical Summer Gathering to Brooklyn Mirage

Lane 8 played his Summer Gathering at Brooklyn Mirage on June 1st, a venue perfect for dancing from the afternoon to the late evening. Openers Enamour and Ben Böhmer performed wonderful sets as a smooth transition into Lane 8's faster-paced and energy-filled closing set.

Lane 8 is a relatively elusive artist. He doesn't allow photo or video-taking because he wants the people attending his shows to connect and focus on what's most important: the people around you and the music. The idea behind his "This Never Happened" shows is a simple yet effective one. While it's not bad for people to take photos or videos to share, it does have the side effect of taking you away from precious moments, which are so fleeting.

Lane 8 eased into summer by playing at Brooklyn Mirage on June 1st, a huge open air venue that's great for dancing the afternoon away but also fantastic for going deep into the night. We're fans of Enamour because when we saw Lane 8 last year, he showed up by filling in after Lane 8 unfortunately got sick and couldn't perform. We knew we could trust him to start things off at 8 PM after Lane 8's first set at 6 PM, then changing to Ben Böhmer's higher energy live set to prepare us at 10:30 PM. Lane 8 closed the evening by playing one last set from 12-3 AM.

The day began with slower songs that you could bob your head and sway your body to people fist bumping to the beat and jumping as the music got progressively upbeat and packed more "oomph" at night. While the visuals were lacking somewhat and we wish there were more to help add to the music, it's understandable that this genre of music does not have the craziest visuals or lasers.

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The crowd was generally older and laid back which made for a better experience while maneuvering through crowds and dance neighbors were kinder and more enjoyable to be around compared to other crowds we've been stuck with. We saw a few people remove the tape covering their phones but almost everyone listened and simply enjoyed being in the moment. While it got crowded towards the end, there was still ample space to dance. Fans of Lane 8 partied from 6 PM all the way until 3 AM and we saw plenty of people who started with Lane 8 also end their night with him. 

Overall, we left the night with our bodies tired but our nights made. There was no feeling of wanting to have had recorded anything and posted on social media and we could tell others felt the same. Lane 8 is continuing his Summer Gatherings all throughout summer, so be sure to grab tickets here before they sell out! He has also planned on starting a newsletter for his fans, which you can read more on below.

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