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Lee Foss Uses Image Of Bikini-Clad Woman On Her Knees In Front of Him To Promote Live Stream

How many times do we have to go through this?
Lee Foss

In today’s what the fuck news (please let's not go to war with Iran Donald), Lee Foss is carrying the totem in the dance music world. He posted a flyer (that was quickly taken down, so you know it was bad) for a live stream of sunset DJ sets in Topanga, California featuring himself and “friends.” The flyer featured him and a bikini-clad woman on her knees in front of him with a towel over her head.

In the photo, Foss is fully clothed with pants, shoes, a t-shirt and a jacket. Not so sexy that. He says that the woman on her knees is his girlfriend and she directed the shot.

“Some people were offended, I’m open to other people’s opinions. That’s my gf in the pic... she asked me to take it and directed that shot and liked it when it came back... I love her and know she didn’t feel objectified it was her picture she directed,” he said on Instagram responding to a fan about the photo.

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“Obviously some people thought it was funny, some were offended by it I’m open to hearing out how regardless of how she felt about the image of her that other people might have been offended regardless of her feelings. I haven’t had any conversations with anyone with a negative opinion yet but feel free to direct message me.”

Looking past the fact that this doesn’t seem to make any sense for a live stream flyer, one would have thought the era of naked or nearly naked women on EDM flyers was over. Apparently not. Even if she wanted to do the photo, don’t use it for a promo flyer. One can like these sorts of photos, but they don’t need to be a part of your marketing. 

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