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Lights/Out Premiere: Mule Driver - Rainshadow [Confused Machines]

Here comes the rain again...
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CM10-Side B

Today, Lights/Out brings you another exclusive premiere in the form of an offbeat/garage infused record called Rainshadow, by Mule Driver via his own Confused Machines imprint. Rainshadow begins with a tribal drum loop and ethnic-inspired percussion, and mysterious pads begin to emerge as the track starts to pick up the pace. Where it would be very easy to throw a standard 4/4 kick in there, Mule Driver goes for a more Garage feel which helps add a very unique rhythm to the track. Minimal percussion also allows the track to swell and pulsate without interruption. Check it out below, and be sure to grab a copy of the tune when it's made available. 

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