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Magnetic Live: Rebuke At Halcyon SF + Interview

We caught up with the man of the moment before his Halcyon performance
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Rebuke has been making headlines lately as the man of the moment. With killer performances all around the world, he's now setting out on his first US tour. Magnetic and Halcyon SF are proud to bring him to The Bay for what sure to be an epic night. 

You might be the hottest Irish export since Guinness! Where are you from exactly?

I'm from a town in Ireland called Letterkenny. It has a population of around 20,000 people and is about 4 hours north of Dublin

What is your home town like? Trad, a quaint Irish village, or not quite?

It's like a small town so it has a few nightclubs and loads of bars and stuff but not quite big enough to have its own airport (unfortunately!) or to be classed as a city.

There must be a music scene there because your party OUTHOUSE has become a smashing success. How and when did you start it?

Aye! Outhouse started around 3 years ago as a means for me to put on and play more gigs in Letterkenny and to invite some international guests. I've met loads of DJs through outhouse like Ejeca, Huxley, Camelphat, Darius Syrossian, Alan Fitzpatrick.. the list goes on. I’ve not been able to really keep up with it as much as id like to over the past 6 months with everything going on, but it's still going strong. Dense & Pika plays for Outhouse this weekend!

Tough question given some of your guests, but what have been some of your favorite shows and why?

Probs Ejeca or Alan Fitzpatrick. Both legends and had the Letterkenny crowd in the palm of their hands

You are currently on the Australia/New Zealand leg of a massive month-long tour. What have been some of your favorite things about Oz?

I'm doing this interview on the flight back from Oz right now haha. I fly back to Dublin in the evening then fly out to Seattle the following morning. It's been unreal and every gig has been special for different reasons. I can safely say every gig was amazing.. normally on tour, you get the odd shit one but every gig there was class and the people in Oz/ New Zealand are really welcoming and supportive. I didn't even know anyone knew any of my tunes out there until I dropped Along Came Polly to 2000 people at The Timberyard in Melbourne and the place went mad!

This weekend kicks off your first US/North America Tour. Is it your first time in America?

Nah, I've been a few times over the years.. most recently I was in Miami in March to play for Jamie Jones party Paradise and the Dirtybird party, both of which were in Space Club.. loved it!

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What are you most excited about?

Really excited to see how my music is received in the US, this will be my first time visiting so many cities in a short space of time so I'm buzzing to check out all the new places too

Any new bangers to vet on American ears?

Yeah.. I got this tune I sent Adam Beyer last month and he's been playing it in all his sets. He's the only person that has it right now and it seems to be going down really well so I’m gonna give it a test run when I get to the US!

Well, I know SF is super excited to have you!

I'm excited to play Halcyon as well! Heard so many great things about it over the years from both punters and DJs.

Jamie Jones rinsed your track "Along Came Polly" all last summer. First of all, that must feel .....

It felt amazing and it was the break I was really working towards for years. It really opened a platform for me to showcase my new music and I've been happy that the follow-up single “The Pipe” on Dirtybird did really well too. Time to focus on the next one now when I can get a minute off touring!

And now you're heading to Paradise! You are playing the closing party which will be absolutely epic. Any other plans this summer you are incredibly excited about?

Aye! That's gonna be unreal! DC10’s a mental venue and to play the Paradise closing party is unreal.. Was buzzing when word came in that I got booked for it. Asides from that I'm looking forward to playing both weekends of Tomorrowland in July and loads of festivals around Europe this summer

Amazing! You've been on quite the trajectory these past few months. Any hard-learned lessons to share with other aspiring artists?

My main advice is to try something different and you’ll get noticed. There's so much generic stuff out there these days and that's not going to get you anywhere. We don't need another Carl Cox or Richie Hawtin as they are already killing it as it is. The one thing that both Jamie Jones and Adam Beyer told me when I sent them my music was that they loved that it sounded different and refreshing, so don’t be afraid to try something a bit weird.. Like I thought Along Came Polly was a bit too weird for people to play out but it ended up being my biggest record to date..

Love it. We look forward to having you this weekend and wish you the "Luck of the Irish" in all your travels and endeavors!



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