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In today's urban jungle we are paying more than ever per square foot and the need for thoughtful design in compact spaces is at an all time high. The team at Coolgeek, a group of designers and audio engineers, have figured out a fantastic solution for saving space and delivering amazing sound to micro urban abode. 

Meet the Soundesk – a modern piece of furniture that leverages technology to combine a 360 degree surround sound system into a modern coffee table. We got a hold of a unit for a test drive before they deliver to their Kickstarter backers and go on sale.

CoolGeek Music Table

Design: The Soundesk can work with a variety of design styles and feels perfect for a small studio or one bedroom. With its industrial looking cone stand that also serves as the speaker to the slick beveled glass top, if you lean toward a modern or even a mid century look - this should work great for you. 

The pedestal is made using aircraft quality aluminum CNC machined perfectly and topped with an ore grade tempered glass, the cone shaped pedestal features a multi-speaker array inside that provides multi-channel sound in all directions. The Bluetooth connectivity is easy to set up and provides surround sound in any room and can be paired with another table to deliver stereo performance.

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The Sound: The speaker was designed to deliver optimal audio performance in small spaces and it delivers nicely in spaces about 250-400 square feet. The unit can be paired with your laptop, TV or any mobile device to play music or power the audio for you small home theater. The 360 degree surround sound fills the room with punchy, clean sound using the latest audio features. See the specs below.

Soundesk Speaker Specs

  • Multi-Channel Surround Sound – An array of 5 internal speakers allows multi-channel audio perfect for home theatre and movies.
  • DPAC Super Bass – Boost is provided using Dual Pressure Air Compression Super Bass for deep, powerful bass regardless of volume.
  • Dynamic Adaptive Amplifier System – Known as DAAT, it improves amplifier efficiencies and maintains accurate sound balance.
  • Advanced DSP Technology – for clarity of subtle sound details and accurate balance between high, low and mid-range frequencies.

Soundesk was designed by a team of prominent furniture and industrial designers working together with experienced audio engineers for creative home solutions.

“Our team understands the transformative power of music and its ability to create a relaxing home. But we prefer that technology remains in the background and fits into the aesthetic of one’s home. Soundesk provides the perfect solution, a beautifully designed table that also provides a superior listening experience in any room.” —Benny Lee, CEO of Coolgeek

Summary: If you are looking to save some space, are finicky about design and love high quality sound - the Soundesk is worth considering. The speaker fills small rooms nicely and sounds great at both low and high volumes, delivering balanced highs, mids and a decent bottom end. The speaker is a bit pricey at $699 MSRP, but you can pick one up a bit cheaper before they drop in August. Learn more Here.

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