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Meet The G-Technology ArmorATD 4TB - A Hard Drive For Extreme Creatives

If you are out in the wild or dealing with more accident prone situations, the ArmorATD portable hard drive can handle it.
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If you are a creative professional that has to constantly move around, be on locations that are less than technology friendly and need a solid solution for your files - we just found the perfect drive for you.

The super beefy 4TB G-Technology ArmorATD is perfect for photographers and videographers that need fast and reliable storage that can take some dirt, drops and drips. 

The drive features dust and triple-layer shock resistance with a solid aluminum body to help keep it light and super durable in the outdoors. We recently took the drive out into the field for a true road test - meaning we splashed it, dropped it and held it up during a mini wind storm as we shot our most recent gear guide in the Rocky Mountains.

Here is the actual shoot - Summer Gear Guide 

Behind the scenes you need a drive that can take some knocks - ArmorATD did just that.

Behind the scenes you need a drive that can take some knocks - ArmorATD did just that.

Triple-layer Shock Resistance - Shields your photos and footage from accidental drops with internal shock mounts, a solid aluminum enclosure, and a protective rubber bumper.

How did it hold up? Well, we staged some typical drops that you might encounter on any outdoor shoot, which included a drop from the tailgate of the truck onto concrete, from hip level into the dirt and a short toss off a mountain bike. The drive loaded up onto the MacBook Pro perfectly after each incident. 

Protection From the Wild
With rain, dust, and crush resistance for up to a 1000lbs, your irreplaceable footage can brave the elements on the way to your next destination.

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How did it hold up? Luckily (at least for this test) there was a variety of weather happening in each of our locations from rain to wind to scorching sunlight. We held the drive up in the rain, the dusty wind and left it out on a rock to bake for 45 minutes - after wiping the drive down, it again mounted to the Mac with no issues.  

Features we really like:

Storage and speed - the drive comes in various sizes including 1, 2 and 4 TBs which gives you some options. However we recommend just going with the 4TB, it's a great deal at $170 and you have plenty of room to grow with it. The transfer rate can get up to 140MB/s which is fantastic for quick video transfer or large RAW files. 

It also comes with a variety of connectivity, we used the USB-C but it does have a USB-C to USB-A adapter for you old schoolers. 

It's both Mac/Windows compatible right out of the box, just plug it in and get downloading. 

For extra peace of mind there is also a 3-year limited warranty on the drive as well, which is nice considering most just give you a year. 


If you are looking for a drive that is tough, portable, beefy (up to 4TB) and fast - then look no further because you have found your perfect match. We were relatively tough on the drive and it stood up to our knocks with ease - so unless you drop it out of an airplane or run it over with a tank, you should be pretty good on the shock resistance. 

Learn more on the G-Technology Site Here

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