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Miles Davis: The Complete 'Birth of The Cool' Collection To Be Released

The double LP celebrates 70 years since Miles Davis's first major success
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Jazz fans rejoice, for this Friday, a 70-year anniversary edition of Miles Davis's seminal The Birth Of Cool is to be released, featuring both Studio Sessions and Live Sessions of the original Miles Davis Nonet. The new release marks the first time since 1957 that the recordings have been remastered for vinyl and the first time all the Birth of the Cool performances -- studio and live – are available together on LP and will be available in both digital and vinyl formats. Miles Davis was one of the greatest contributors to the modern jazz world, so this is an absolute no-brainer for any jazz fan. To pre-order, click here.


Full tracklist:

LP ONE: The Studio Sessions


1. Move

2. Jeru

3. Moon Dreams

4. Venus De Milo

5. Budo (Hallucinations)

6. Deception


1. Godchild

2. Boplicity

3. Rocker

4. Israel

5. Rouge

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6. Darn That Dream

LP TWO: The Live Sessions


1. Birth of the Cool Theme

2. Symphony Sid Announces the Band

3. Move

4. Why Do I Love You

5. Godchild

6. Symphony Sid Introduction

7. S'il Vous Plait


1. Moon Dreams

2. Budo (Hallucination)

3. Darn That Dream

4. Move

5. Moon Dreams

6. Budo (Hallucinations)

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