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Numark Announces New DJ Mixer

Pro-level features at an affordable price
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Today, DJ hardware company Numark has announced a new DJ mixer aimed at combining pro-level features, at a non-pro-level price point. Called 'Scratch', the mixer combines high-quality innoFADER, 6 dedicated FX selectors with dual toggle triggers, 8 performance pads, Filter knobs and dedicated loop controls, with seamless integration into Serato DJ Pro and Serato DVS. Buzzwords like "powerful" and "innovative" get thrown around a lot in the hardware industry, but Numark has really put a lot of effort into making sure these aren't just buzzwords, but accurate descriptions of the new Scratch mixer. Below is a full list of features.


Scratch includes:

• Serato DJ Pro with DVS License Included

• Ready to connect to Serato NoiseMap™ Control Vinyl or CDs (available separately)

• InnoFader scratch crossfader with reverse and slope control

• 6 direct access effect selectors with dual paddle launch triggers and Dry/Wet FX Control

• 8 performance pads to access hot cues, rolls and samples

• Filter knobs to create audio sweeps

• Dedicated instant looping knobs

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• Phono/Line inputs

• Combo mic input (XLR/1⁄4-inch) w/ level and tone control

• 108dB S/N output with 24-bit digital sound quality

• Balanced high output XLR connection

• Separate booth/zone output

• Dual headphone output cueing system (1/4-inch/1⁄8-inch)

• Prime Loop Sound Pack included ($200 value)

• SoundSwitch lighting control software 2-month subscription included


So we mentioned that it's affordable. All of this comes in at just $499. That is a truly revolutionary price point. 

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