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Original Door To Tresor Now On Display At New Berlin Museum

The door is back on display after being the club's door until 2005.

When it comes to Berlin clubs, there are few who match the cultural impact and history of Tresor. Celebrating 28 years in 2019, it was a key part of post-Berlin wall life and the techno boom in the city that followed. Now the original door to Tresor is on display at Humboldt Forum, a Berlin museum dedicated to German history, its colonial history and that of other cultures.

The rusty door has a long history. The door once was the seal for a Jewish-owned department store Wertheim before WWII. The family that owned the business were stripped of their assets and sent to concentration camps or forced to flee the country.

The shopping area was destroyed in the war, but the door remained. It lay there languishing until 1989 and was then used after Tresor was built in the underground safes of the shopping center.

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Tresor was forced to move in 2005 to make way for commercial real estate. They moved to a power station, but the door was too heavy to also make the trip, but the club owners held onto the door.

It remains an important part of post-Berlin wall history and how techno came to symbolize that.

The door is the first thing on display at the Humboldt Forum Berlin museum, which is expected to open next year after numerous delays according to The Local

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