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Parisian Nightclub Concrete Being Forced To Close Next Month

The beloved Parisian club on the Seine is being closed upon by its landlords.
Concrete Paris Nightclub

Concrete during the day

Parisian nightclub Concrete is closing.

In a statement, the club said that it is being forced to close and will have its final party July 19-21.

“Concrete is a dream we would have loved to continue building at the Port of the Rapée for a few more years, but the reasons you already know will force us to stop the adventure soon.”

Situated on a boat in the Seine in Paris, the club was forced to close because their landlords wanted them out. They had been hit with a 15-day eviction notice, but were still trying to work things out. A petition was created to keep them there, but to no avail.

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"For 8 years now, we have fought hard to get things done in Paris, to live our passion and to make live the many passionate people around us, be they barmen, artists, technicians, runners, safety or cleaning agents,” the club writes in their statement.

“It's also been 8 years since we've been trying to build the best club possible, despite the heavy financial and administrative constraints, and we're working hard to give you all the music and artists that we feel are the ones to be the most defendable in our niche.”

They promise to come back stronger.

“We are already looking to the future, to come back stronger, with the same values, and put our experience and know-how in an even more ambitious project and on which we will strive to erase the defects that we have been criticized until today.”

The details of the final party have not been released yet, but stay tuned to their website or the event page on Facebook.

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