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Playlist: De La Swing's 10 Biggest Tracks For The Ibiza Season

Time to fire up the biggest records for Ibiza 2019.
De La Swing

Ibiza season is here. It has actually been rocking for over a month, but getting into the middle of June, the White Isle has hit its stride. Ibiza can define certain songs forever and it also is a prime location to get a pulse on the song of the summer. Ibiza always has a different feel to it than the typical tent festival stage, but the songs that carry there, will shine around the world. Titans of the modern Ibiza scene and one of the biggest dance promoters in the world, Elrow parties can help break those songs to the Ibiza and global market. Knowing their impact, we asked Elrow resident and label owner De La Swing to share what he thinks may be the top tracks for the 2019 season.

De La Swing is heading into the summer with a new three track EP, Club De Sol, designed for those peaktime moments on big Elrow nights. It also comes with a Ben Sterling of the title track, which adds a little more into the bass. Stream the EP below and pick up a copy here.

1. Cloonee – Be Good To Me (feat. Lindy Layton)

It’s a track I choose for the hottest moment of my set. That moment when all the audience is holding on for the DJ to drop the bomb and the confetti cannons to flood the room with colors, while a troop of fictional characters come into action. The track has a solid and dry base that leaves the perfect space for a vocal frequency range. Maybe it’s a bit commercial, but not too much, emphasizing the theory that less is always more.

2. Lil Yachty - SaintLaurentYSL ft. Lil Baby (The Martinez Brothers Re-Edit)

It’s a good edit by The Martinez Brothers. I’ve played it several times and the track gives a distinct flow to the set. It’s not available digitally, but for the vinyl lovers is a gem that has to be in your case.

3. Guti - Our House (Somebody) feat. Leo Garcia

A lot of tracks from Guti’s album on Cuttin’ Headz have been present in my last sets. But ‘Our House’ is the one that has worked best on the dance floor. The tempo is at 128bpm, with a groove built on percussion, a vocal lead and a bassline of three perfect notes, to keep the energy of the floor at high levels. And when it seems that’s all, the padded Leo García vocal pops up, with a juicy classic house guitar riff.

4. Harry Choo Choo Romero - Mongobonix (From Beneath The Earth's Crust)

Mongobonix was the track that served as the icing on the cake to Elrow’s opening in Ibiza this year. It was 7am and the winds of this classic Harry Romero track were blowing, while the light was entering through the skylights of Amnesia. The energy on the dance floor was amazing and everyone was jumping for joy. I’m sure it will be played again this summer in Ibiza…

5. Frank Nitty and J8man - La Noche (Harry Romero Extended Remix)

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With this track, the iconic Basement Jaxx opened their set at Elrow’s opening and all I remember are crazy moments for the next 10 minutes. The melody awoke the interest of every living creature inside Amnesia. All the performance team was ready for the big drop, but the Latin vocal was what really ignited the room. Was something like “hey, we’re in Ibiza and the big season is starting.” All the VIP area, including my friend and I, ended up dancing over the confetti-covered couches.

6. Nathan Barato, Djeuhdjoah & Lieutenant Nicholson - "A Sun's Dream" 

I love heavy bass with round kicks, and the funk bass lines of Nathan Barato, as well as his new album for Hot Creations (after listening to it 20 times while I travel haha). ‘A Sun’s Dream’ will be, without question, one of 2019’s summer tracks. It’s pure summer vibes!

7. Raumakustik - Waves (Jamie Jones Re-edit) [Hot Creations]

Since I got the promo, I’ve been playing this Jamie Jones’ edit on repeat. In my opinion, it’s a nod to Rebuke’s best seller, “Along Came Polly,” where JJ uses the same technique, twisting the synth during the stop, building tension and surprising with the kick drum and the solid, empty bass that people like so much on the dancefloor.

8. Seb Zito – The Source (Original Mix) [Fuse]

This is one of the tracks that touched me the most, since Seb Zito himself send it to me as a promo. I tested it and the construction of the build-up is a killer for any dance floor. It’s a very versatile track that adapts to any kind of party.

9. LY - Back 2 Zanzibar (King Street Mix)

This is a gem that I personally discovered in the King Street Sound 25 anniversary VA compilation. Perfect way to start a warm up set.

10. Reelow – Jibara (Original Mix)

Published about a month ago on my label, Elrow Music, it is one of the strongest releases we have so far in 2019. Reelow has managed to adapt his style and fuse it with Elrow’s in a perfect way!

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