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Playlist: youANDme's Inspirations

Words by youANDme
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Recently, Berlin-based aficionado youANDme made his return to Poker Flat recordings via a four-track collaborative EP with friend Tim Toh they called The Traveler. The release follows in the typical youANDme fashion of genre-bending and defining, with four minimal and grooving tracks perfect for late night dancefloors. He's built his reputation for creating a unique and diverse sound over the past decade, and we were curious as to where he drew his inspirations from. This curiosity led to him creating a playlist of some of the most influential tunes to his career. 

Words by youANDme

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This playlist is a collection of old and new music, which had a huge impact on me. It's impossible to collect all the stuff I love (not everything is available on Spotify) but I will try my best to give you a short overview.

Basic Channel and Rhythm & Sound are really important because they created dub techno to such a high standard, which is nearly impossible to recreate. Rhauder and Paul St. Hilaire are also a source of inspiration when it comes to dub and electronic.

Carl Craig is another hero because he is such a musical genius and I play at least one track from him in every DJ set.

I would love to include the original E2E4 LP by Manuel Göttsching but unfortunately, it's not available here. That's why I took a remix, which is also nice but please check the original LP because it's from another galaxy. He recorded the album in 1981 (the year of my birth) but it's timeless and sounds unbelievably fresh.

You will also find music by amazing artists, which I love like Martin Kohlstedt, Nils Frahm, Björk, Matthew Herbert, Boards of Canada and others.

The final track is Strobe Light Networks from Cold. For me, it transports the ultimate emotion of life. The song is really deep s*** and one of the purest pieces of love ever written! Trust me ;-)

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youANDme and TimToh Traveller EP is out now on Pokerflat buy it here.

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