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DOK shouldn’t really need any kind of introduction, however for those of you that don’t know, or haven’t heard about him. He's is a Grime producer & DJ from the UK, he's been producing music within grime since its birth in the early 2000s, never conforming or adhering to other genres and has certainly kept true to who he is with regards to his music, something which I can fully respect. DOK has always kept himself grounded and has constantly pushed grime. He’s put out an array of releases spanning a whole host of labels and produced for a number of pivotal grime emcees within the scene, usually keeping his production's dark and gritty.

DOK "Shine" EP Forthcoming Meanstreets

DOK "Shine" EP Forthcoming Meanstreets

DOK has orchestrated a very special collection of tracks for his EP “Shine” forthcoming 10th June on Trends label “Meanstreets”. Each track is drastically different to the previous one which for me is the best kind of recipe for any EP. We have been asked to premiere one of my personal favourites from the release “GhostRider”, have a read and listen below

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DOK - GhostRider (MSR013) 

This track for me is an absolute dance floor destroyer, I think partly because of my taste in the deeper side of dubstep, this track really appeals to me, don’t get me wrong I can get on board with every track on this release, however “GhostRider" in particular really resonates with me. It’s a harsh, brutal production and the drop comes out of absolutely no where. The intro is relatively minimal, steady high hats skip along with these atmospheric, stretched out synths gradually building you up towards the drop. A kind of faint evil vocal sample is used in the intro too but gets cut out just before the drop hits you. When the drop lands it comes with absolute weight, deep, growling subs and ear splitting kicks engulf the entirety of this track. Some serious music from DOK.

Make sure you check the entire release below via the Showreel and don’t forget to purchase here.

Big up too DOK, Trends and the entire Meansteet's family.


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