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Infernal Sounds are one of the hardest working labels in dubstep at the moment. They have countless wax releases under their belt from artists such as Sub-Basics, Saule, Sepia, Dark Tantrums and many others. However they don’t just push their own sound and their own agenda. They premiere and promote tracks for various other labels, whether the label be big or small and they still help push other peoples music via their renowned youtube channel (where it all started really). The labels musical output is second to none and I fully respect how they go about their business.



For their 15th release [IFS015], they have roped in some serious dubstep royalty to the infernal ranks. J Kenzo is an artist who has always been at the forefront of underground music for as long as I can remember. He was there at the beginning and he is ever present now. Kenzo has finally decided to release the remix of "Cure Dem" by Saule. The original was released on Infernal already. He’s also decided to include the track entitled "Shijimas Revenge," a track that for me is the epitome of what J Kenzo is all about production wise.

Saule - Cure Dem (J Kenzo Remix).

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I first heard this track when I saw a clip of Kenzo dropping it at Outlook Festival. It truly went off. The track itself is an evil interpretation of Saule’sCure Dem” track, taken from IFS007. J Kenzo has savagely flipped the original and somehow brought even more life to it. He’s added more urgency to the remix and created a timeless classic.

J Kenzo - Shijimas Revenge

This one is classic Kenzo. The track is smothered in his unique production style. It starts off slow, high hats and oriental textures engulf the intro. When it drops you can fully hear J Kenzo’s dark, war-like approach to production shine through. It’s sound-system music at its finest. His slow, sluggish, militant approach to dubstep really hits the right spot with me. Wicked track from one of the greats.

Out to Infernal Sounds for putting this release together. It really is very special. You can pre-order/buy the release here.

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