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Premiere: New Zealand Beatmaker Kamandi Shares Smooth New 'Voices' Album Track "Friend"

Vibe to Kamandi's new tune.

Christchurch, New Zealand beatmaker Kamandi (not the DC comic book character) will release his debut studio album Voices next month. With the LP rollout in full swing, the Kiwi shares a new track “Friend,” that captures much of what the album is going to bring.

Kamandi drops off a vibey beat that builds over the course of its three and a half minutes. The song is grounded in a R&B-inspired beat with chopped vocal bits, a soothing melodic refrain that carries over the track and fast-moving drums.

“When I was putting this together or any music, I have like one or 2 friends that I can always rely on to listen to the tracks and let me know what they think. ‘Friend’ was named after those people. The name ‘Friend’ was really a placeholder but it stuck,” explains Kamandi. ”This track is a bit light hearted compared to the rest of the album, it’s a pick me up to make you feel good for the day. I think this track touches back on the straight up song producer in me in the middle of an album that has a soundtrack feel to it.”

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“Friend” will be released with the rest of the album on July 12. Stream it here exclusively for the next three weeks in the lead up to Voices.

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