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Finding the right backpack is essential. It needs to be versatile, durable, comfortable and convenient. It needs to hold your things, while also not weighing your down. The straps shouldn’t shatter on the first go, nor should they be impossible to manage. We got our hands on the Captus Rolltop backpack to test out over the past month or two with its unique look and pockets. Now let’s breakdown its various features and how it played out in real life.

Captus Backpack In Nature Mountain Hiking

1. Comfort & Feel:

The backpack sits on your back really well and the straps are easy to adjust. If you are looking for something a little closer to your back or the different height as someone, the straps near your waist make it easy to adjust. Even if you load up the backpack, it still manages to feel light. It weights only 2.34 pounds (just over a kilogram), so you can sense how light it is.

Captus Rolltop Backback

It is a big piece of equipment on your back that will take up most of it unless you are a giant. I am six feet tall and it was one of the largest backpacks I have put on. It is 20.1 inches tall, 17.9 inches in length and 6.7 inches in width. That can change if you really pack it in. It is quite comfortable on your back and doesn’t feel like it is going to weigh you down. If you are hiking, it has a great feel and doesn’t overwhelm your shoulders or your back. The weight is very evenly distributed. I only had the backpack for two months and wasn’t using it every day, but it seems durable and sturdy.

2. Pockets:

The pockets are different from just a flip cover bag or your normal backpack used at school. It has a pocket at the bottom that is sturdy and just barely fit my size 11 high-top Jordans. They are more suited to small shoes. The specs say it can carry shoes up to size 13, so be wary of your large hiking boots. 

The two side pockets serve the same purpose but in a different way. The zippered up pocket can hold about a can of soda and a little more. The open, elastic pocket is designed for a water bottle or some similar container, so you can access your tasty beverage more readily.

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Nearest your back, there is a RFID protected computer slot that will fit a laptop. It is a great pocket that fits the laptop and just about nothing else to keep it safe, away from tech sleuths and pretty much scratch free. 

Captus Backpack Computer Laptop

The main pocket is what you see in the photos. It is one large container for all of your other items. It is rather large and I wouldn’t put in anything small you might lose track of like headphones or keys. There is a small zippered pocket in the front to carry some small items, but it doesn’t hold much at all. To open the bag, you pull the pocket up and zippers come down the side to unveil the insides of the pockets. It is then easy to examine all of your items, but your items can jostle loose or fall out if you open the bag using the zippers. The pocket becomes flatter and your items can spill out if you open the zipper all of the way, which can be quite annoying. You can open the pocket from top and bottom, which allows for you to access the bottom half without opening the entire bag, but some of the same problems persist. The pocket lifts up and becomes quite tall, which then makes it hard to really dig in the bag. It is useful for carrying items, but if you need to constantly access things anywhere in your bag, the process of lifting the flap, zippering down and making sure things don’t spill out make it tough to use.

Captus Backpack Open Pocket

3. Versatility:

It is an outdoor activity backpack first and foremost. I took this on the subway and it felt quite large. Even if I didn’t have too many items in there, the general size makes it a little unwieldy in small places. For moving around outdoors, it is fantastic, but if you are heading to work and don’t have too many things to take, this may not be your backpack for everyday use. If you are heading to work on a bike and need to take a change of clothes, in addition to a computer and documents, this would be good with its protection, comfort and light weight. It is quite comfortable and doesn’t feel very heavy, which helps with back sweat. Since the main pocket takes a few steps to access, it isn’t the best for quick and easy use. However, it is best for doing activities outdoors.

Captus Rolltop Backback

Overall, the backpack is an excellent bag for going outdoors. If you are going camping for a day or two, you can probably fit a lot of your equipment in this bag. It is stylish, light and comfortable. However, with its size and main pocket’s issues, it is hard to recommend for much daily use.

Get your Captus Rolltop for $199 on their website.

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