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Review: Eric Prydz Releases First of Three Spellbinding Pryda 15 EPs

More brilliance from the prog master.
Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz has announced three new Pryda EPs as part of a Pryda 15 series. He has been good at releasing new Pryda material over the past few years, notably since his Pryda 10 series in 2015. The first EP, Pryda 15 Vol. 1 is out now and contains some long sought after IDs that have been around for years.

The first record “illumination” got its first play a short three years ago, but has been largely under wraps since then. It is the one that may translate the best to a larger audience with an addictive piano melody carrying the tune.

As one should expect from a Pryda EP, the songs are long, deep and incredibly well mixed. It is a way for him to ultimately release the IDs he has been playing out for years, often with a few tweaks along the way. “Moln” has been around since 2015, getting plays a few times a year since then. It brings an airy melody that sounds like vintage Pryda with a thumping drop, vocal shouts for those peaktime moments and the melody building into the track.

“Warrior” and “Linked” are for the longtime Pryda fans, keeping things more subdued as the song slowly evolves around oscillating melodies into a hypnotic gaze.

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“Dawn” may be one of the more unique tracks he has released as Pryda in years. It starts as you may expect with ghostly pads and thumping bassline, but then starts to evolve as the melody comes into focus and then switches up into a sauntering ride of synths.

Just like Pryda EPs in the past, there is always a dark and stormy record and that comes at the end with “New Eras” with its brooding bass pads and strong kick. 

This was one hell of a birthday present to me. 

Vol II and Vol. III will arrive in July and August respectively. This is going to be a Pryda summer.

Pick up your copy here.

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