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Spotlight Post: Jamstik+ Is The Perfect Gift For Musically Producing Dads This Father's Day

Made with real strings and frets, this portable digital instrument is a unique combination of guitar and controller.

Whether your guitar-playing dad is a novice player or a full blown music composer, the Jamstik+ is the ideal gift for Father's Day. 

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If your dad's guitar skills need a little work, but he's not one for in-person lessons or Youtube videos, the Jamstik is a great option for brushing up on a few chords or scales from the comfort of his home. There are sensors in the fretboard, so you can connect (via Bluetooth or USB) to the free Jamstik teaching apps and see your fingers displayed on the screen of your device in real time. Not quite ready to play for a crowd? No problem. Just plug in headphones into your device and practice in silence.

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For the music producing dads out there who don't play piano, the Jamstik+ is the perfect tool to expand his creative potential in the studio. All of the tuning is set digitally within the Jamstik app, and there's an assignable D-pad for octaving up and down the fretboard or setting up a digital capo.

One caveat, if your dad is a super fast shredder or complains that he "needs more frets" he might want to hold out for the new full size Jamstik coming later in 2019—which is being built in place of the planned Jamstik 12. The full specs haven't been released yet, but Jamstik says this new model will be the highest performance version of the product line yet, and will be a dual electric-MIDI guitar. Those interested can get on the email waitlist at

Here's some Jamstik+ in action -

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