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So fo the 41st Strictly 140 Guest Mix we have decided to involved a producer who has been impressing us with his gritty, industrial approach to production. We welcome man like Oddkut to the guest mix roster.



Oddkut is a producer & DJ hailing from Balakovo City, Russia, however he now lives in Moscow. He's part of the Russian collective "United Gang" who are a Moscow-based community of local musicians, DJ's and promoters teamed up by their genuine love & interest in UK underground music, the collective are constantly trying to spread the sound wherever they can which is very sick.

Oddkut has been smashing it recently with his dark, gully, clinical production, he's had various release's on the infamous "Rotpot Records" and is a very close affiliate to "Slimzos Recordings".

He's really done a number for us with regards to his guest mix. He's included hella amounts of specials, collaborations, unreleased and forthcoming music. All of which has been produced by himself. Absolutely massive mix from Oddkut, have a listen below.


Oddkut x Distant Roots - Culchah (dub) 

Oddkut - TheHunter Dub (Slimzos ep “Time”) 

Oddkut x Distant Roots - Horror (dub) 

Oddkut feat. Griz-O - Unmilited Shells (dub) 

Oddkut - DownOnTheSide (Slimzos dub) 

Oddkut - Tiger Style (dub) Oddkut - Solid (dub) 

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Oddkut x E3 Breaks - Untitled (dub) 

Oddkut - Robotomaniac Vip (dub) 

Oddkut - Venom (Rotpot ep “Werewolf”) 

Oddkut - Werewolf (Rotpot ep “Werewolf”) 

Oddkut - Sacred Rites (dub) 

E3 Breaks - Ooga Booga (Oddkut remix) (dub) 

Oddkut - Gloomy (“Breaks ep”) 

Oddkut x Distant Roots - Bun Dem (dub) 

Oddkut x Distant Roots feat. Killa P & Big Chain - ???????? (dub) 

Oddkut - Aliens (dub) Oddkut - Lord of Darkness (dub)

Big up to Oddkut every single time, definitely look out for this Russian don in the future.

Stay tuned for the next guest mix which features someone very special.


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