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Study: 17% Of Music Fans Wear Airpods During Sex

They have to show they aren't poor.
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Airpods Sex

This dude gets it

A lot of studies come through our inboxes. Some of them are boring or irrelevant and some of them are just wild. This one from Tickpick, who have been going HAM on these studies / surveys lately, is one of the strangest we have seen. They surveyed people at the cross section of music and sex, taking the responses from 1,010 sexually active people via Amazon's Mechanical Turk. There are loads of interesting takeaways about people’s sexual habits compared to their favorite genre, but there was one that made me go wait what. Apparently 17% of respondents have worn Airpods during sex at one time.

There are a lot of different ways to slice this. Maybe they want to flex their newfound affluence with their Airpods. Maybe they just want to listen to their favorite music or have a sex coach on the other line. Or the person they are with makes really annoying noises when getting it on, but that is all they got.

There are some other takeaways that were odd. One in four folk fans said they had cried during sex. Of those in a relationship, those with the same taste in music were 80% satisfied with their sex life, as compared to 44% of those who don’t have the same taste. Similar tastes also have more sex per month. 43% of EDM fans have reportedly some sort of “fetish,” ranging from BDSM, to anal to foot stuff and role-play.

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Apparently hip-hop fans give oral the least and like doggy style the most, at 40% saying it is their favorite position.

Read the full study here. Take this with a grain of salt since it is self-reported, but the numbers don’t seem so crazy across the board.

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