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Tchami and Malaa Brought No Redemption to Brooklyn Mirage

Tchami and Malaa brought their No Redemption show back to NYC, this time at the Brooklyn Mirage to a sold out crowd. Dombresky provided support and it was a crowded, high-energy night.

Tchami and Malaa played at the Brooklyn Mirage this past weekend on June 8th. The French duo have been playing together and gone on tour together numerous times, so seeing them bring their energy of an array of house genre's always exciting to experience. Dombresky was the only support for the night and played until 1:30 AM, where the duo then played and closed the night until 3 AM. 

After arriving to the venue promptly around midnight, the general admissions lines were incredibly long but the venue was able to safely and efficiently get all the excited fans inside. Compared to the last time we were at Brooklyn Mirage for Lane 8, the venue felt packed to the brim leaving little room to dance without bumping into anyone. The crowd was rowdier but had an energy that had people jumping and fist bumping the entire night. 

Dombresky played a solid set that made for an easy transition into the main act and kept us dancing and on our feet well into the later evening. Tchami and Malaa don't do much talking and instead let their music do the talking. Other than a few genuine thank-you's here and there, the air was filled with intense deep house and sweat.

The lights, lasers, and visuals added much to their set, with lasers consistently lighting up the venue timed perfectly to C02 streams going off at almost every drop. Their set gave us several times to catch our breath and take a break from the constant dancing, but overall the night was fun and showed why this duo constantly sells out the venues they play at.

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