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This mix is for the sunshine boogiers, It’s better late than never they say. And if you’re gonna be late, better bring a gift I say.

The Chill Dance Chart is back. I missed you all. After a long winter the chill dance sunshine is finally peeking out the cloud curtains and shining its light upon us.

This one's for the blue sky booty shakers, the rainbow warriors, the tie dye flower smellers, the endless summerers and sea breeze safariers. The island timers and spritzin' sweethearts.

To my fellow cat nappers, sea otter lovers, push poppers, and pup huggers. We are all looking for that cherry on top of the moment, or a place where the sun shines brighter. And that’s where this mix belongs. 

Get your feet kicked up, turn up the good vibes and crack open a cold one. Let’s enjoy.

Amtrac - “Formal Disco” - Openers

A heady house ride no doubt, Amtrac’s latest and greatest tunage is dripping in disco balls. The American songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist out of Kentucky (wait, Kentucky? Very cool) is the ever-evolving flavor of the month whenever he drops a tasty single like this one and is a veteran of not only this chart but the genre he’s helped build up and shape.

Mark Ronson feat. YEBBA - “Don’t Leave Me Lonely” - Sony Music

My most hyped album of 2019 has to be Mark Ronson’s Late Night Feelings by far. Since dropping last year’s banger “Electricity” with Dua Lipa and Diplo, he has been firing off tastemakers featuring the brightest and finest female voice in music. This track is no exception with the national treasurer and growing soon-to-be superstar YEBBA. Seriously, she’s the next Adele and she’s going to be on not only one but THREE tracks on the album. With a roster of Miley Cyrus, King Princess, Lykke Li, Camila Cabello, and Alicia Keys rounding out the 6/21 album, this is going to be an event to behold. Can I PLEASE be at the concert where they all come out and sing on their tracks....please?

Jess Glynne & Jax Jones - “One Touch” - Atlantic Records

That first Memorial Day pool party has that one track that sends things off for the summer and gets the people going - cue Jax Jones.

This producer is flying high right now collabing on huge tracks with the likes of crooner Jess Glynne and Years & Years and there is no doubt he’s going to have a massive year.

Moon Boots - “Keramas” - Anjunadeep

Time for some tribal thunder, folks. Moon Boots put out one of the most underrated albums last year and is taking no break from being awesome with his latest two singles.

Hayden James & NAATIONS - “Nowhere to Go” - Future Classic

A gritty pop star voice is hard to find, especially paired up with an equally talented producer, let alone featuring a growing legendary producer to boot. Welcome to the Hayden James NAATIONS (track). Nat Dunn on the vocals and Nicky Night Time of Van She fame (I miss them) are NAATIONS and they are certainly a group we are going to keep our ears on. Hayden James needs no introduction and I am jonzing for his tour show this fall.

Roosevelt - “Everywhere” - W Records

Yep, I snuck Fleetwood Mac on the chart. And a damn good cover of their classic I might say. I love the uptempo mix and bravery it took to take such a legendary track head on. The synth dream pop dynamite that is Roosevelt is quietly releasing some really amazing singles this year and it seems like something is happening and marinating.

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Big Wild - “City of Sound (Alex Metric Remix)” - Counter Records

I love how BIG this song gets. It has somewhere to go and it throws you over its shoulder and takes you for a ride. Alex Metric has become such a versatile producer especially in his remixes and he makes Big Wild even more mammoth than the young buck already is.

Running Touch - “When I’m Around” - Foreign Family Collective

You can’t quite peg what Melbourne’s Running Touch is. He evokes that pop electronic RÜFÜS vibes, indie pop and melodic house. He has a husky voice that drips with sensual ASMR pops and a damn catchy aesthetic to his sound and I’m shocked I hadn’t heard him until recently. Have something to look forward to is always a motto of mine and I look forward to hearing more from Running Touch.

Lizzo - “Juice (Breakbot Remix)” - Nice Life Recording Company

Nothing could make me happier than this pairing of French funk house producer Breakbot and global sensation Lizzo. This wins the makes me feel so damn happy and gooood award. If you haven’t listened to disco don Breakbot, get on it. If you haven’t listened to the big, bossy and beautiful Lizzo, get on it. And if you have, keep on getting on it.

Foals - “In Degrees (Purple Disco Machine Remix)” - Warner Music UK

What an unlikely band and song to remix I thought. How could this work I thought. Lesson learned, just stopped thinking and hit play on anything having to do with Purple Disco Machine. Shut up and listen to your amazing music Ben and dance around in your chair like a knucklehead. These guys are absolutely delightful with their pumping arrangements and the original track vocals are so elevated and left to resonate with you in the way PDM designed the remix around it.

Kazy Lambist - “On Fire” - Bklek/Newdeal

You are correct, this track is from 2015 and it’s getting written about in the May 2019 article. It has a special moment though and I had to include it. I had sent my brother, who is not an avid electronic music follower, the Amtrac song in this chart and he discovered a love for funky electronic nu-disco jams and followed up by sharing this floating and seductive tune. I was shocked and delighted by Will’s new discovery, both in genre love and song. This has class written all over it, and makes you cooler with it on in the background. If you have headphones on please note people may start staring at you because you look so cool struttin to the beat or because you’re just dancing like a funky freak in the middle of a Starbucks.

Moonlight Breakfast - “Dance Moves” - Echoism Records

I was ran over by a truck when I heard this song at first. It felt like I was listening to Little Dragons or Nancy Whang for the first time. I instantly connected and I was lost in a disco daydream. This is dream pop at its best execution - cosmic, synthy, scintillating echoing vocals and something mysterious and neon glowed to it.

Tycho & Saint Sinner - “Pink & Blue” - Mom+Pop/Ninja Tune

The legend Tycho has branched into a new wonderland with his inclusion of singers into his work. And it absolutely works. They say don’t fix what ain’t broken, and let’s face it, we would’ve easily been happy that Tycho was the electronic Explosions in the Sky for eternity. But where’s the fun in the easy and safe. Float off into Tycho’s great watercolor swirled sky with Saint Sinner’s voice holding your hand and leading the way like a Tinkerbell. What a gem of a track. Thank you.

Goldroom & Chella - “U” - Downtown Records

It’s always nice to chill on the beach with some SPF Goldroom lathered on but have you ever rode giants with Goldroom, bro?! The dreamscape beatmaker has a new slapper for us and it’s out with the melodic house and in with a deeper groovier sound. Love it.

Loods - “Three Blocks”

Shout out to the homie Blake for finding some absolute gold nugs in the steady stream of blogosphere tunes. Loods is a new love for this writer and will be for you the listener upon first listen. With a touch of Disclosure’s UK Garage mixed with thundering bass and crispy high hats, this is a scratcher’s dream song to mix. Would absolutely love to hear this one come on in a set at Sound Nightclub.

Thanks for listening and reading along, ya land lubbers. Get out there and smell some flowers and share some smiles. Peace.

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