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Summertime is a natural fit for disco and funk. The artists that have provided this month's tracks are working in overdrive, whether it's Madonna performing multiple nights in cities across the US or the DJ's/producers who are traveling the world playing hot summer parties and festivals. No one is getting a lot of sleep, and neither will you, even if you are just playing these tracks at a pool party or BBQ!

1. Madonna - God Control (Disco Heaven Club Mix)

Madonna, take us to church! "God Control" may have you swirling under the disco lights, but the gun control message is a strong one. This remix trims the opening of the original song to get us dancing right away. This is the most dancefloor friendly track from Madame X, and it's a welcome addition to an otherwise Latin influenced album. Take a listen to "I Don't Search I Find," which has a very strong "Vogue" vibe. The LP went number one in 60 countries, so never count Madonna out. Welcome back Madge!

2. Sleazy McQueen - Ready 4 Luv

"Ready 4 Luv" doesn't beat you over the head with its disco vibes, but rather romances you straight to the dancefloor. Subtle and very sexy, Sleazy McQueen knows his way around a funk groove. Taken from the excellent Funk Purpose Vol. 2 EP, "Ready 4 Luv" is perfect for those hot summer nights.

3. The Silver Rider - Woman

Coming to us on Sleazy McQueen's Whisky Disco label, The Silver Rider is back with another dancefloor scorcher! Wait for the one-minute mark, because that is when things take a turn for the funky. This track is very synth driven and generally uncomplicated by lyrics. "Woman" is like a great 7 layer dip. You keep getting more from it the longer you listen.

4. Saucy Lady & U-Key - Show Off

"Show Off" has a nice mix of the 1970s and 1980s funk influence pouring through it. "Such a show-off, you know what you got" is the chorus and perfect description of how this track works. Saucy Lady and U-Key can show off a little because this track is so funky and sweet.

5. Saint Paul - Funky Cruisin'

"Funky Cruisin" will wash over like a cool ocean breeze on a hot day. A little bit funk, a little bit soul, and a little bit jazz, Saint Paul is offering up summertime realness with cool keys and jazz flute, perfect for relaxing and soaking up some rays. From his own Moonrise Hill Imprint, look forward to hearing more from Saint Paul.

6. Izo FitzRoy - I Want Magic (Dimitri From Paris Vs. Cotonete Dubstrumental)

I am not normally drawn to a dub version of anything, but Dimitri From Paris Vs. Cotonete have managed to take the excellent original 12" version and make pure disco magic. Without the original vocal, we get to hear just how funky the bass lines are, how plucky the guitars sound, how killer the keys and strings come together. Don't miss either version of this excellent track!

7. CJ & Co - We Got Our Own Thing (Mighty Mouse Dub Edit)

OK, so one more dub. Mighty Mouse's dub edit of "We Got Our Own Thing" gives this classic track a much-needed refresh. All of the original funk remains, but with fewer vocals, the track feels contemporary for modern dancefloors. Spicy keys really amp up the sound around 2:12 and keep the listener moving. This is a disco track you will want to hear for years to come.

8. Gouranga - Gone Rock (Ilya Santana Edit)

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"Gone Rock" has all the 1970s spacey goodness that one could hope for. Gouranga and Ilya Santana deliver a track that could have easily been pulled straight from a vintage movie soundtrack. You are going to find yourself fantasizing about having your own adventures with ray guns and spacesuits while listening to this track! 

9. Yung Bae - Must Be Love

Positive is the best word to describe Portland native Yung Bae's "Must Be Love." This song is pure happiness in under three minutes. Who needs Xanax when you have this to listen to? This track comes from Bae's 5th release Bae 5, which is a fun record all the way through.

10. Natasha Kitty Katt - She's Cruel

Another favorite DJ on the club circuit, Natasha Kitty Katt doesn't mess around when bringing the heat with "She's Cruel." One part groove and nine parts sass, the vocal purrs about the cruelty of our subject. Epic strings, congas, & synths wrap their arms around that vocal and challenge you to stay off the dancefloor. Expect to hear this fantastic track under your local disco ball soon!

11. George Kelly - Spring Flower Jam

George Kelly got together with keyboardist Alexandros Livitsanos to create this beautiful track and then he dedicated it to his newborn baby. What is not to like? "Spring Flower Jam" sounds like it was made to sit by the pool or on a beach and soak up the sun, just like a spring flower. 

12. Paco Versailles - Unwind

"I think we're moving too fast, but I want to fall right into you" is the opening lyric of the song, and if it means getting more music from Paco Versailles, then that is what I want to do! Another poolside jam, this track demands cocktails with umbrellas and sunscreen because it's so hot.  

13. Tender Games - Movin'

You may not know Berliner Tender Games, but after this introduction, you won't soon forget the smooth disco/funk that he has to offer! Congas kick the door open on "Movin'" and you will have no choice but to do just that. Sweet vocals, funky bass jams, and a little cowbell for good measure will keep your party moving too.

14. Loshmi - Juice & Boogie

Tonbe aka Loshmi is back with this smoking track "Juice & Boogie." The Loshmi moniker always promises some fierce disco/funk and the wicked horns tell the story here. If things get a little quiet at your party, just throw on this heater and watch the fire begin. 

15. Soultronic - Fat Garry

Soultronic is a legend amongst his peers, so it is always exciting when he releases a new track. "Fat Garry" shows disco it's proper respect while having a bit of nu-funk flair to it. Just when you think this groover is all instrumental, the vocals kick in at 2:53 and make the jam even funkier. Lucky for us, this is also a free download on SoundCloud when he reached 7000 followers. Get it now! Your next party will thank you for it!

Check out the SoundCloud playlist below!

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