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5 Instances That Shaped ARTBAT's Careers

Words by ARTBAT
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As artists, there are key moments throughout our careers that change our lives to help define who we are. Whether that be a release on a certain label, a booking at a legendary club or festival, or a number of other things. For ARTBAT, the duo's recent explosion in popularity came from such experiences. Fresh off their release on Afterlife, we thought it would be interesting to hear from them 5 of the key moments in their careers that shaped who they are and how they got to where they are today. 

Words by ARTBAT


1) First big release that put us on the map
The first big release that put us on the map was a single release ‘Tabu' on HOSH’s fryhide label back in September 2017. After producing the track ‘Uplift' that gained good support from Solomun during the summer of 2016, and then was released on Diynamic Music in March 2017, we wanted to expand this style and make it the style that we were known for. So we worked on Tabu for 5 months which was a long journey of searching and changing details, and searching for a vocal that could really fit the track. After we finished and tested the track for a few weeks in gigs, we sent it to Solomun and he wanted to play it in his sets on a big variety of venues. We were happy that people liked it and many people were waiting for the release of this track. It was our first #1 track in the genre, and still one of our favourites. 

2) Upperground EP on Diynamic that gave us our first Beatport Number 1

After releasing ‘Uplift' in the Four To The Floor Compilation on Diynamic in March 2017, of course, we wanted to make a full release for Diynamic. Needless to say that it’s one of our favourite labels so far, we grew up on its music and wanted to make something special for this label in different styles. We like to make music for the dance floor more than for listening and delivered to Solomun our vision of techno and melodic techno genres. It was three tracks: Planeta, Prometheus, and Sand in Your Shoes (with Dino Lenny).
We like to make tracks with beautiful vocal parts, so we invited Dino Lenny to make the vocal for a third track. It was a great idea because he made a really cool and beautiful vocal. The release gained good support from very varied artists as there was a strong techno track Planeta, and two melodic techno tracks. We were very happy to deliver this release for people and see how they like to dance to this music, it gave us great pleasure and was amazing for us to have a full EP on Diynamic. 

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3) Cercle live stream at the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro - Really put us on the map worldwide

Of course, we wanted to take part in one of the Cercle shows and we were very happy when the guys invited us for the very special show in Rio De Janeiro. There are no words to describe our feelings during the set on the top of the mountain. We tried our best and still remember to this day everything about the event. A lot of great feedback and warm words are received even now about the stream. It’s something that will be in our hearts for sure for the rest of our lives.

4) Providing for Pete Tong his Weekend Hot Mix
We have always been huge fans and admirers of Pete. He has of course done a huge job to make electronic music grow and be popular around the world. With his shows he makes people know about new club music in all genres, and it’s a very important and respectable mission. Of course, we are very thankful to him for his support of our music. He has been playing our tracks and put it in his playlists on many of his radio shows. For us, it’s a big privilege, because we are glad to share music with his listeners and people worldwide, and to be asked to do the Weekend Hot Mix by him was further proof we were growing on the right path.

5) Being booked on many big worldwide festivals, including big U.S. tours
You know, we are very happy about this. To be honest, these big festival bookings are a kind of new thing for us, that's why it’s great to receive new fresh emotions playing on big stages for thousands of people. It was always our dream to play like this, so now we are eagerly awaiting every festival. This is a new challenge for us and it will be very interesting to plunge into it with heart and soul for an incredible rest of 2019 and beyond :)

For those of you in NY, you can also catch the guys making their debut on 3rd July at Summer Series.


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