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99.3% of Tents Were Taken Away After Glastonbury According to Organizers

The field actually looks clean this time.

It is nice to see people do the right thing. Glastonbury organizer Emily Eavis announced that attendees had taken 99.3% of their tents when they left the festival. That doesn't mean the field is completely clean though. There was still a lot of trash left behind.

Back after a hiatus last year, over 200,000 people attended the festival from June 26-30 on Worthy Farm. The Killers, The Cure, Vampire Weekend, Liam Gallagher and Stormzy were among those who headlined. Stormzy was the first black UK artist to headline Glasto.

In past years, images of Glastonbury’s aftermath would be a warning shot of the environmental impact large camping festivals have. Broken tents, trash and more would litter the rain-soaked muddy ground for an apocalyptic feel. That is not the case this year, but we imagine there was still quite a clean up effort.

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