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Made for the Rave: Brooklyn Collective ALKHEMY Releases ‘Double Dragon’ EP, Launches New Label Whirlwind

Artists Xiorro and Buzzi join forces for a hard techno EP that captures the sound of their beloved rave, The Black Hole.
Double Dragon EP Cover Art

Last weekend “Sign of the Dragon,” one of the tracks off of Brooklyn artists Xiorro and Buzzi’s new EP, Double Dragon, dropped on a packed dancefloor. Already lost in another realm, the crowd went mental. Before I knew it, I was stomping like my life depended on it.

Inspired by the 1987 beat ‘em up video game of the same name, Double Dragon is the first release off Brooklyn Collective ALKHEMY’s new label and mix series, Whirlwind. With blunt forces in the 145-160bpm range and supernatural atmospheres, it goes without saying that this is a raver’s EP.

If you’re plugged into the Brooklyn underground then you’ve probably attended, or at least heard of ALKHEMY’s notorious party, The Black Hole. It’s a rave that prides itself on being egoless and it’s where you go for your fast-paced, industrial fix. In creating Double Dragon, Xiorro and Buzzi sought to preserve the party’s essence with their signature, unforgiving techniques.

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Buzzi’s jumpy EP opener, “Grain,” provides seizure-inducing hi-hats along a steady pulsating narrative. He continues with brutally crunchy tracks and submerged sounds, like “Ohh Machine’s” eerie conveyor belt left unattended, the twisted gears echoing through a relentless savage stomp. The "beat ‘em up" style is fully taken advantage of in Xiorro’s tracks where merciless drums are always present. Just listen to “Sign of the Dragon’s” savage beat down and the chaotic, spooked machine noises in “King of Towels,” an ideal closing track that spins you out of control.

Having taken the time to preserve the art of the rave, ALKHEMY has expanded that dedication to Whirlwind, which will continue to focus on the grittiest, raviest sounds. Make sure to get your copy of the split EP here.

WARNING: If you listen to this at home, you’re going to want to hit the dancefloor stat. Take it from someone who knows and if you don't believe me, just watch these videos made for "Grain" and "Sign of the Dragon." They capture that invigorating feeling of being possessed by the rave quite well.

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