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Conquer Your Burning Man Prep With This App

Preparing For Burning Man can be hard. This should make it easier.
Burning Man 2018

Preparing for Burning Man can be tough. You have to plot out food, clothes, shelter, cough drugs, cough, and water for a week in a barren desert. You also have to sort out any art pieces you might be involved in and transportation to the event.

This is often done in massive spreadsheet shared between a squad, but there are other ways to get this done. The Coda app helps put all of that together in one easy to use place. You can assign tasks to certain people and let your crew know the progress of that task. It automatically calculates how much water you are recommended to bring. Since it is on a phone, it is easier to take with you and view if something comes up last minute.

Check out a demo and more about it here.

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