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Flume Releases New Collaborative EP With Reo Cragun 'Quits'

Flume is back with another project in 2019.

Flume has released a new three-track EP Quits with Reo Cragun. The pair linked up on a track “Friends,” which was released as a single earlier this year. Flume has worked extensively with rappers and singers over the years, but this is the first joint-project between him and another singer or rapper.

The collaboration is an odd one at first, but starts to make some sense as you listen more. Cragun’s voice fits the new breed of rappers that have a raspy singing voice like they are straining to hit every note. Flume gives him space to work on the verses, but then takes over on the hooks.

The first minute on “Quits” is a showcase for Cragun and Flume lays back before dropping an oscillating electronic flute melody and that takes the track from rather anonymous to something interesting.

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The hooks on these tracks would make for good Instagram captions with lines like “fuck that shit, I’m calling quits” or “baby I’m in it for ride.” The best captions is from “Friends” where Cragun tries to bring some positivity to the world, “all the negativity is bringing me down,” but that isn’t how much of the music business works.

“Reo’s got a great ability to adapt to whatever’s going on musically,” says Flume in a statement. “Whether it’s something on the slower side or something high energy he’s able to complement and engage with it in a way that's quite unique." 

The EP overall is a partnership between Flume and Reo Cragun, but it feels as though we needed more Flume and less of Cragun. The beats fit the mold of his post-Skin records, like the mixtape released earlier this year Hi This Is Flume. There is a catchy element to these tracks, which lack some of the complexity of his other collabs. Flume is expanding his musical sphere and continues to put out great beats.

Stream below and pick up a copy here.

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