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Groove Armada Announce Career-Spanning New Album 'GA21'

The 4-CD album will have some new music and unreleased live edits.
groove armada ga21 cover

In the mix of a holiday weekend, some news always falls through the cracks. Groove Armada announced a new album, their eighth, on Friday that is a 21-year anniversary, career-spanning compilation. Titled GA21, the album will feature 50 tracks from their career, as well as some new music.

The pair have included two new songs, “I Can Only Miss You” and “I'll Be Searching.” That is paired with some of their biggest hits like “Superstylin,” “My Friend” and “I See You Baby.”

The album is split up into four parts – Club, Balearic, Live and Radio. The live mix has live versions of various songs over their career including “Paper Romance," plus five more unreleased live mixes.

GA21 will be released on August in vinyl, CD, CD media book and a CD media book signed postcard. Get more info here.

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Oh Tweak to me
Luv 91
You got to
Rescue Me
Time To Put Up (Original Mix)
Feel Free
Stevie Late Night
Activate my Heart
Always Take Me Higher
Walking On Sunshine - Rockers revenge (GA'S DISCO REVENGE)
Soho Disco…
There was Rhythm
Pull Up
Final Shakedown (Bootleg Version)
Set Me Free (Balearic Mix)
Drew Hill - Talk to you (Groove Armada Remix)
Pork Soda
The Pleasure Victim
RJ’s Theme
Save My Soul
Love Sweet Sound
Superstylin’ (GA21 Version)


Blue Skies
Burning Disaster (GA REMIX) // Language Lab
Dusk You and Me
Edge Hill (GA21 Edit)
From the Rooftops
Hands Of Time
History (Love Mix)
Lazy Moon (GA21 album edit)
Little by Little (GA21 Edit)
Paper Romance (Live Acoustic)
Pillar 13
Think Twice
Whats your Version


Suntoucher (Album Edit)
The Girls Say
Look Me In The Eye Sister
Tuning in (Re-Edit)
Paper Romance ('Last Night In Brixton‘)
Groove Is On
Fall Silent
I Can Only Miss You
Just For Tonight
Time & Space (White Light Version)
1980 (White Light Version)
Cards to your Heart (vinyl edit)


At the River (Radio Edit)
Purple Haze
My Friend
I Won’t Kneel (White Light Version)
Song 4 Mutya
If Everybody looked the Same
Paper Romance
Feel the Same
I See You Baby (Original Mix)
Get Down
I’ll Be Searching (For You)
I See you Baby (Fatboy Slim Edit)

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