How It Was Made: Moraze - Zephyr EP [Instance Records]

Words by Moraze

Recently, rising French-maestro released his latest Zephyr EP via Instance Records. This is one that melodic, and thought-provoking techno fans are sure to be a fan of, hitting many spots with drive, euphoria, and mystery. To find out more about the release, we asked Moraze to give us the rundown on the release and how it all came together.

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Words by Moraze

My philosophy with equipment is to make the most out of what I have! That’s why my stuff is not so much an incredible collection of hardware, but rather some nice devices that I can test the limits with.

My Roland Tr8 is what I use to provide my basic rhythms. The drum machine allows me to build a solid base using the pitch correction. It’s very important to make sure that everything is in the same tone. Of course, you can do it on your DAW, but the result is never better than the pitch on an analog machine.

Moraze Magnetic Mag Roland TR8

I don’t use VST so much right now, but I am totally in love with Repro 5 from U-He. This plugin is fantastic and the textures are really good. I use it for basslines and Fx lines. I am always looking for additional sounds from Audiotent. They always open your mind by delivering new sequences of sound and a strong preset.

Moraze Magnetic Mag U-He Repro 5

I have a Beatstep Pro from Arturia as well. It’s really interesting to create the main melody with it. I always take time to compose my main melody on it and then different subdivisions. I connect it to my Moog Mother 32. I am a massive fan of this piece of kit. Making the melody with an analog machine makes all the difference. Every knob from my Moog takes each line to another level of depth. It’s crazy.

Moraze Magnetic Mag Beatstep Pro 2
Moraze Magnetic Mag Moog Mother-32

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I often go to my friend Shazse’s studio in Ibiza. It’s a great studio and it is an opportunity to use more analog equipment like these.

There are so many possibilities with the Dave Smith Prophet 6! I love using it to make chords, as it gives a rich sound and really strong audio!

Moraze Magnetic Mag Dave Smith Prophet 6

We use the Sub 37 from Moog there as well. I love using this one to sculpt lead sounds. The sound always finds the perfect position in the mix with this one. It is perfect for getting a really unique colour in both lead and percussion equipment!

Moraze Magnetic Mag Moog Sub 37

When traveling, I always have an Akai MPK Mini MK2 in my bag. This one has a 2-octave keyboard plus pads. It is so easy to connect with it on a plane or train and perfect for working on the move. You can easily turn your computer into a production studio at the airport with this kind of equipment.

Moraze Magnetic Mag AKAI MPK Mini MK2

I have had a Sennheiser HD25 for the last 20 years and I know it so well that I produce with it all the time.

Moraze Magnetic Mag Sennheiser HD 25

My MacBook transforms into a fortress when I come back home and connect everything. That’s really the perfect way to produce for me!!!

‘Zephyr’ out now on Instance Records. Grab it here.

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