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Ikea & Sonos Unveil New In-Home Speaker Collaboration

The collaboration starts with a lamp speaker and bookshelf speaker.
Ikea Sonos Symfonisk

IKEA and Sonos have announced a new collaboration bringing speakers into your home in new ways called SYMFONISK. They have unveiled two different types of speakers today: the lamp speaker and a bookshelf speaker.

The Lamp speaker is wild. Lamps generally just sit there and use up space to turn on and off a light. There are a few lamp speakers on the market, but they generally don’t have the look and feel of a speaker that could fit on your or your parents’ bedside table. This one has a speaker around the bass of the light with a bulb and sleek light fixture around the top.

SYMFONISK Sonos Ikea Speaker Lamp

Then there is a more traditional small tabletop speaker that works a little differently. It can be mounted on a wall and serve as a small shelf. One could do that with just about any speaker with flat sides, but they aren’t designed to that like this collaboration between Ikea and Sonos. It is meant to bridge the home and sound.

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SYMFONISK Sonos Ikea Bookshelf Lamp

Both supports 100 different streaming services and you can stereo pair multiple speakers in one room or across multiple rooms. Both can be controlled by the Sonos app or through an Amazon Alexa device of Google Echo.

When we think of Ikea, people often think cheap and tune consuming assembly. This isn’t the case with this line. Opening up a box for the bookshelf speaker yesterday (review coming), there is no large assembly and it doesn’t even come with an instruction manual.

The light speaker comes in white and black and has the features of the Sonos sound system. It is 16 inches tall and weighs about seven pounds. The bookshelf speaker is 12 inches wide, 4 inches tall and weighs about 4 pounds. It will cost around $180 and the bookshelf speakers will run for $100. All things considered given Sonos quality and the speaker market, this is a bargain on items you may not have in your home right now. 

In the fall, the companies are rolling out the SYMFONISK sound remote and the IKEA TRÅDFRI to help control the speakers. The products will go on sale August 1, 2019 and links will be live then as well. 

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