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In Conversation: Neopop Festival co-founder Gustavo Pereira

"They don't get that these are the most important things..."

Welcome to In Conversation, the podcast dedicated to giving you an unparalleled look into electronic music's greatest minds, both in the studio and beyond. We deconstruct their daily routines, fears, and quirks, showing you what makes them tick, and what exactly makes them so successful. From artists to managers, agents and promoters, these are the people who make it happen, pushing our community forward.


It's no surprise that every day, it seems more and more music festivals are popping up. There are so many nowadays that it's almost impossible to even keep up with what's going on. Recycled lineups, mediocre experiences, and especially social media have only served to make them less appealing. But they aren't all bad. In fact, there are some that continue to get better and better each year. Take Neopop for example. For more than a decade, the festival has constantly pushed the boundaries of what music festivals can and should be, inviting the likes of Kraftwerk, Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, and countless others. But how does one continue to innovate with each iteration? To find out, we invited festival co-founder Gustavo Pereira for an intimate and in-depth look at what exactly goes on behind the scenes, covering topics like overcoming major setbacks, how to evolve without losing the magic, and why festival goers are the key to a successful event.

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