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Insomniac Buys Ownership Stake In Miami Nightclub Space

Insomniac is increasing its presence in Florida.
Bob Moses at Club Space

Insomniac has made a big move in Miami. It is now partnering with legendary club Space to take an ownership stake in the club.

It isn’t totally clear what the ownership will look like or the numbers involved, but Insomniac says that it is leaving the club management and operations intact. The goal is to keep Space downtown for the next decade as it is being threatened by new building around it.

“Space is one of the most iconic dance music venues in the US if not the world, and I’m excited that Insomniac is now a partner. Davide, Coloma and Sinopoli have done an exceptional job revitalizing this venue to be better than it’s ever been before,” writes Insomniac boss Pasquale Rotella in a Instagram post. “They are passionate people that care about creating experiences, and share the same core values that Insomniac lives by. The Space Invaders team will still be running the show and together we will set the bar for entertainment in Miami. Space is another important piece of the Insomniac vision coming together.”

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The history of Space in Miami has been complex. The club originally opened in 2000 in Miami's Park West neighborhood. It moved to its current location in 2003 and was sold to investors in 2013 who fumbled with the club and saw it lose its standing as one of the best in the city. Then the Space Invaders, Davide Danese, Coloma Kaboomsky, and David Sinopoli bought it up in 2016 and helped restore it to former glory.

Sinopoli confirms that they will retain operating control of the club in a statement.

"Our Space Invaders team will continue to book the music and operate the club exactly as we have been,” he says via MiamiNewTimes.

How this will shape out over the next few years is uncertain, but it does give Insomniac a foothold in Ultra’s backyard.

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