Few names are as prevalent in North American Hardstyle as Lady Faith. She was one of the earliest adopters in the scene, and quickly became a meaningful part of the spread of the harder styles around the US. Through thick and thin, she has stuck with the genre and still brings the same maximum level of energy to each set - and this was no different at last month's Electric Daisy Carnival where she hammered her willing 'Faithful' relentlessly.

Since then, Lady Faith has been working on her latest release; a pounding Hardstyle remake of the Rolling Stones' 'Paint it Black', ft. NeroArgento (out now). The track embodies Lady Faith's signature wide-ranging and powerful style, landing somewhere in the 'melodic hardcore' arena, and overall pairs well with NeroArgento's vox in this unexpected arrangement.

After EDC we had a chance to chat with Lady Faith. Here's what she had to say:

What has the last six months been like for you both as a person as an artist?  What's been happening in the life of Lady Faith?

Life as a DJ can be really crazy sometimes. I spend most of my time in the studio or performing, so as an artist it has been very satisfying. Our Hard Dance scene is growing and I feel great pride in seeing the progression. Life is about work and family and achieving your goals along the way.

What have you recently been learning about? What have you been growing from?

Music constantly changes and I am influenced by a wide variety of sounds. Lately I have been working with vocalists and trying my hand at the remix world. My latest track is a Rolling Stones authorized remake of Paint It Black and I can say that the Rolling Stones have been a huge influence in my musical style. It has always been a dream of mine to do this remake.

In relation to Hardstyle, I am always trying to push the boundaries with new kicks and rhythms and learning new techniques that help my music stand out. It is a constant learning process.

Lady Faith crushes it at EDC Las Vegas 2019

Lady Faith and her 'Faithful' @ EDC 2019.

My background is gaming - as an ex-IT professional, were video games ever a big part of your life? If so, which, and do you still play? 

I wish I had more time to game. Something people don’t know about me is that I am actually pretty good when I get the chance. My specialty is Ghost Recon but I also love Halo and Forza. I do have a habit of destroying anything in my path (friend or foe) so if you see me online, it probably means you have just been conquered. LOL.

What was your early transition from bedroom DJ and 'normal' life, into full-time DJ?

There was a time when I was a bedroom DJ. I learned the art on vinyl so it was really complicated. I used to perform outside of a local record store to a crowd that sometimes numbered in the tens of people. Over time I became a professional and now I have performed on some of the biggest stages in the business. It has been a crazy ride.

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What was the first track early in those days that you fell in love with and drove you?

My first passionate song was a remix I did in 2012 of Carmen La Habanera, which is a classic opera song. Nobody thought I could pull it off and I did. I worked with an opera vocalist and together we recreated the melody to appeal more to a very young demographic, that knew very little about this style of music. I am very proud of this early track. 

You've got a MASSIVE track coming out today; where did the inspiration for that come from? 

I have always been a Rolling Stones groupie. This band has revolutionized music in general and the lyrics to Paint It Black have always spoken to me at a deep emotional level. This is my finest track from a production perspective, and I hope I did the remake the justice it deserves.

What is your next goal/mission - what have you got your sights on? 

More touring that allows me to take my unique brand all over the world. I really want to spend more time performing in Asia and South America. Both of these scenes are growing very rapidly and I just love to meet new cultures and different people, and introduce them to the finest and most powerful sounds in EDM.

Lady Faith slamming Wasteland at EDC 2019 in Las Vegas.

Lady Faith slamming Wasteland at EDC 2019.

What do you think the Hardstyle scene in the US needs right now?

The Hardstyle scene needs to become more focused on the home-grown American talent. There are some amazing young artists that need the fans support. Again, Insomniac has been the biggest benefactor of shows in our scene, but I personally feel that we have just broken the surface. I see more and more artists that traditionally perform in other genres, throw a few Hardstyle songs into their sets, but nobody does Hardstyle like a real Hardstyle artist. I feel that the US scene needs more Hardstyle professionals on the biggest stages.

When we met at EDC, you dove into what it was like growing up with split time in the US/Iran and dealing with bullying, and how that makes you want to use your platform for good. Are you willing to speak about that again?

I am always willing to speak about my heritage. Growing up in a male dominated society has its difficulties and becoming a DJ, is a dream that many Iranian’s will never be able to achieve, especially females. I feel like my success instills hope in many that you can overcome anything if you put your mind to it. Life is so much nicer with love than it could ever be with hate.

Now that you've got a huge platform, what do you want to bring attention to? 

Together we will thrive. I hope to give my fans more new music and I hope to introduce Hardstyle to many new fans in areas across the world that have not yet had their fair share. 

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