Magnetic Mix 036: Infinity Ink

Infinity Ink lock it in for a new mix.
Infinity Ink

London based production duo Infinity Ink released the remix album to their debut album House Of Infinity earlier this month. With names like Radio Slave, Richy Ahmed, THEMBA and Kai Alce adding their own take on songs from the LP, they captured a range of dance music from acts they wanted. With the new LP in mind, we asked the duo to make the next Magnetic Mix.

They put together a mix of subdued, atmospheric techno and bumping house music.

In addition to the mix, we caught up with them to talk putting together this remix album, what influenced the debut LP and more.

How did you choose the remixers for your remix album?

All the remixers are either part of our friendship circle or artists that we’ve never met but respect and somehow wanted to be musically involved with.

Were they some you wanted but couldn’t get for some reason or another?

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Luckily, everyone we asked came on board straight away.

What do you bring from Hot Natured to Infinity Ink and vice versa when making music?

I think, musically speaking, the vocal melodies and the chord progressions are the main things we brought to Hot Natured. I don’t think there’s anything we took from that project and brought into Infinity Ink

House Of Infinity was released now two months ago. How did you guys put the record together and what inspired actually making the album?

The album was recorded across London, Ibiza and Toronto. It was in part mixed in London but mainly in New York. We were inspired musically by the records and artists that influence us as musicians and producers alike; a lot of classic US House, but also European sounds from the early 80’s and a touch of 60’s psychedelica.

Why is the album named after your 2012 single? I assume that isn’t some magical coincidence.

The House of Infinity was how we described the transcendental state/place in which you find yourself when experimenting with entheogenic substances, it has been a big part of our creative process and that’s why we used it as a title for our album.

Magnetic Mix Tracklist:

Gene On Earth - The Golden Escalator
Infinity Ink - Get Up On The Rhythm And Dance ft. ElBee BaD
N-GYNN - Suga Daddy (Luca Cazal remix) [unreleased]
Active Minds - Hobson's Choice
Rockers Hi Fi - Stoned (Manali Cream mix)
Close to the Edge (The Mole MMD Remix)- chunky, dan ghenacia
Telegronn - Luca Lozano + Dj Fett Burger
Pp In This House - NYDC
David Berrie - Airplane to Madrid
Realness - Loods
Salary Boy - The Illusion
Raveborg - TC80

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