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Playlist: Christian Burkhardt's 10 Ibiza Essentials

Prep for your island adventures with Christian Burkhardt

There are few things that go together like lamb and tuna fish, but perhaps summertime in Ibiza is pretty close. I'm honestly not really sure what else there is to say about the island, so instead, we'll skip the foreplay. Many of the most classic records of all-time were broke in Ibiza, too many to keep track of. We asked Christian Burkhardt about his top 10 tunes for the island, which we see as very fitting considering his recent remix for the Mambo Brothers. You can grab your copy here. If you're just taking off for Ibiza, here's a bit of your soundtrack. 


Sueño Latino (The Paradise Version) 

This is an all-time Classic Ibiza tune. There’s no other song that sounds more like Ibiza than this does.

Tori Amos - Professional Widow (Armand Van Helden Remix) 

My first time in Ibiza was in 1996 and this was the tune for that summer and the following summer.

Mambo Brothers - Optimo Christian Burkhardt RMX II

This is a remix I did for the guys, it’s a good summer time tune and of course Café Mambo is iconic in Ibiza.

Brett Johnson - Sigh Of Relief

This, in my opinion, is the most ultimate sunrise or sunset tune of all time. Imagine listening to it on a lonely beach in St Antonio with a Pina Colada and your drunken best friend, it’s unbeatable!

Filou Sonar35 Christian Burkhardt RMX:

This has just been released but it’s quite old. I’ve played it a few times on the Island and it always gets a good reaction.

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Arno - Half A Vibration

I’ve had the best times with Arno in Ibiza, he delivers a perfect soundtrack for the poolside, the beach or the lake. Yes, there’s a lake in Ibiza!

Federico Molinari-Chucking Express (Rozzo Remix)

This is perfect for the ride to Cala Comte.

Cuartero – Venty

And this is perfect for driving home from Cala Comte.

Bubbles · Rich Nxt & East End Dubs

This one is perfect for heading on your night out to Amnesia

Cinthie - Ada Lovelace

And this for after the Amnesia, when driving home.

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