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Premiere + How It Was Made: 0010x0010 - Never Surrender [Modular Freq]

Words and photos by 0010x0010

Today, Lights/Out brings you an exclusive premiere double feature with LA-based live techno artist 0010x0010. He puts up the good fight of being a true artist with minimal and aggressive 'Never Surrender'. The track title stemmed from a session in which he decided to stay true to himself and not overproduce the track to appeal to a broader audience. To find out more about the process, and this moment of clarity, we invited him to How It Was Made to give us the rundown. 

Words and photos by 0010x0010


I created the track after I did a video shoot on the rooftop of an abandoned building in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. The view was futuristic skyscrapers and neon lights. The vibe, cyberpunk rebel against the digital system. I wanted a very minimal, but chaotic aggressive sound.

Like on the rest of the album, I relied heavily on my “Holy” Modular Rhythm Section :
Erica Drum Sequencer, Erica Bass Drum, Erica Hi-Hat D and
Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter. 

erica 1

I really have an organic click with these modules and they allow me to really use them as performance instruments. I programmed the synth riffs into the Rene 2 sequencer and I recorded the track in one take.


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rack 1b

I took the recordings to my studio in LA and started with the mix.

studio 1
101 b
vintage 2

The sunny California energy tempted me to just “produce” the track and add things that would make it more approachable for a bigger audience. That idea got killed quickly by my “artist” self and that’s when the title came to my mind.

“Never Surrender”

I initialized the session and finished that one take recording, keeping it real, raw and uncut.

Never Surrender is available now via Modular Freq. Grab it here.

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