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Premiere: Khiva Brings Serious Heat On "The Method" From Her Upcoming EP 'Butterfly Effect'

These articles will focus on specific EP premieres/reviews for certain artists within 140 bpm and beyond. This one features Khiva's track "The Method" forthcoming on Truth's label, Deep Dark & Dangerous.

Khiva has absolutely smashed it with this release via the label Deep Dark and Dangerous. Having a very close affiliation to the label, it only seems right that she's putting something out with them. She hits so many textures within this one EP -- from the jazzy flavors you can hear in "Butterfly Effect," to the jungle-breaks in the intro of "Other Side." She's put a lot into this EP. 

Khiva is an artist that I've been following for a very long time now. She makes an array of music around 140 bpm and does not hold back when it comes to production. She has a residency radio slot on the renowned Subtle FM where she spins all types of sounds stretching across the 140 spectrum. I was lucky enough to rope her in to record a guest mix in our Strictly 140 guest mix series which you can listen too here.

With this EP, she has really stretched and furthered her production ability since her last release. We got the chance to premiere the track "The Method" which you can listen to below.

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EP Artwork

EP Artwork

Khiva - The Method (DDD051)

This is definitely my favorite track from the release. It's a dark 140 stomper, the intro teases you into the drop, you get glimpses of the main sub-bass squeezing through at various points in the intro, leading up to the drop. Once the track drop's the full force of the sub hits you, Khiva has used an array of sounds to convey her message with this track and it shows. It's a very militant track, perfect sound-system music.

The full EP is out on Friday July, 5. You can pre order here.

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